15 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata For Travelers On A Budget

Kolkata is a city of West Bengal where you can find joy, hospitality, cultural and artistic activities. Here, you can find many beautiful tourist places in Kolkata like Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, Kolkata Museum, Alipore Zoo, Aquatica, Eco Park and many more. Apart from this, there are a few popular places to visit near Kolkata that also attract tourists from every corner of the country.

Here is a unique list of weekend destination from Kolkata you might visit in the upcoming new year 2020. Few of those places are Mousuni Island, Garpanchkot, Shantiniketan, Sonajhuri Forest, Mukutmanipur, Jairambati, Mython, Garchumuk, Talasari beach, etc. Looking for more? Chill! Just read them all below.

List of Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata in 2020 On A Budget

15. Bishnupur

Bishnupur best places to visit near kolkata
Bishnupur near Kolkata

It is a small town in West Bengal famous for its terracotta handicrafts and temples. Bishnupur is famous for its deep culture that includes architecture, music, and crafts. Its heritage and an elegant culture have generated multiple attractions for tourists. However, classical music, paintings, and handicraft items which definitely make unique places to visit near Kolkata. The region is known for the temples like Jorbangla temple, Rasmancha temple, Shamrai temple and many more. It has a great glory as bearers of an important past, as well as their identity as architectural wonders.
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Places to Visit In Bishnupur

Rasmancha Temple, Jorebangla Temple, Lalji Temple, Mukutmonipur, Susunia Hill, Madan Mohan Temple, Radha Shyam temple, Biharinath Hill, Joyrambati, Jhilimili, Bishnupur Mela

How to reach

Bishnupur is just 132 km away weekend getaways from Kolkata. The fastest way to reach Bishnupur from Kolkata is by hiring a cab which takes around 2.45 hours. However, you can reach there by many regular trains from Howrah station. Here is a name of few trains like Purulia SF Express (12827), Rani Shiromoni Fast Passenger (58015), Howrah – Chakradharpur Fast Passenger (58011), Aranyak Express (12885), Rupasibangla Express (12883), etc.

Where to Stay

Bishnupur Tourist Lodge maintains by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation is the best place to stay.
Booking Contact Details:
West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., DG Block, Sector-II, Saltlake, Kolkata-700091.
Phone – 033-2358 5189, Fax – 23598292
3/2 B.B.D BAG, KOLKATA-700001
Phone: (033) 22436440 Time: 10.30 AM to 05.15 PM
Email: tourismcentrekolkata@gmail.com

14. Bodh Gaya Bihar

Bodh Gaya Bihar
Bodh Gaya Bihar

If you are looking for a short trip near Kolkata then this is the most important religious place for Buddhists. It is a village in the state of Bihar. It was here under the Bodhi tree where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. The place is full of religious travelers throughout the year who come to pay homage in monasteries, shrines, and temples. It also attracts tourists from India and abroad. The magnificent Buddha statue, Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi tree make this one of the best places to visit near Kolkata.

Places to visit in Bodh Gaya

Mahabodhi Temple, Tibetan Refugee Market, Bodhi Tree, Buddha Statue, Thai Monastery, Muchalinda Lake, Bhahmayoni Temple, Royal Bhutan Monastery, Chankamana, Chinese Temple, Vishnupad Temple, Vietnamese Temple, Dungeshwari Hills, Sujata Kuti, Daijokyo Buddhist Temple, Bodhi Tree, etc. This can be good nearby places to visit in Kolkata for religious lovers.

Where to Stay

Best guest house in Bodh Gaya is Welcome Guest House, Rahul Guest House, Shila Home Stay which are budget-friendly also. Top Bodh Gaya hotel is Bodhgaya Regency Hotel, Maya Heritage Hotel, Hotel Heritage Bodhgaya, Hotel Buddha Residency, etc.

How to Reach

The distance is 471kms from Kolkata to Bodhgaya. You can reach there either by a private car or by the trains. There are few regular trains like HWH JSM Express, Shipra Express, HWH LKU EXP, Poorva Express, and more trains run directly from Howrah station to Gaya Junction. It takes around 5 hours and 45 minutes to reach Bodhgaya by train.

13. Purulia

Purulia best places to visit near kolkata
Purulia, West Bengal

It is a beautiful weekend destination from Kolkata blessed with charming natural beauty. This place is slowly becoming a popular tourist place among national tourists. Calmness in the air takes over you and, in a moment, you free yourself from stress. The majestic landscape Hills, lush green trees, clear water, fresh air, warm hospitality make this so unique places to visit near Kolkata.

Places to visit

Gajaburu Hills, Khairabera Dam, Rakab Forest, Muradi Lake, Ajodhya Hill, Doldanga, Surulia, etc

Where to stay

Eco – Adventure Resorts, Khairabera Eco-Adventure Club, Dutta Villa, PearlTree Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Akash Sarovar, Hotel Rupasi Bangla

How to reach

The city is well connected by road and railways. A private car takes around 6 hours to cover the distance (289kms) via NF19 road.
By Air: The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport at Ranchi in Bihar. It is just 109 km away from Ranchi airport.
By Train: There are many regular train runs from Howrah station to Purulia Junction (PRR). Few of those are Howrah – Purulia SF Express (12827), Rani Shiromoni Fast Passenger (58015), Howrah – Ranchi Intercity SF Exp (22891), Aranyak Express (12885), etc.

Purulia – Video credit to Nature’s Womb Travel Channel

12. Haldia

Haldia best places to visit near kolkata
Haldia near Kolkata

Also known as it’s port or dock complex at the meeting place of the Haldi River and Hooghly River. The city is famous for its superb collection of heritage locations, temples, and local markets. It is becoming one of the major tourist destination. The city combines with the excellence of monuments and the bounty of nature. This pristine land still is untouched by travelers rush and vast civilization. Let’s get ready for this unexplored places to visit near Kolkata for 2 days.

Places to visit in Haldia

Haldia Dock and Port, Sataku, Marine Drive in Haldia, Mahishadal rajbari and Goplajew temple, Muktidham temple, Tamluk Rajbari, Mayangarh, Matangini Statue, Ramjew temple, Black Hole Monument, etc.

Where to stay

You can find many lodges in Haldia like Akash Guest House, Golden Palace Lodge, Tajhans Hotel & Resorts, Hotel Anand Lodge, etc. However, there are few cheap hotels in Haldia like The Royal Park, Hotel Sea Bird International, Hotel East Coast, Hotel Mohua Inn, etc.

How to reach

Kolkata to Haldia distance is just 125 km by road. So you can hire a commercial car to reach there. Haldia does not have any railway station itself. So if you prefer a train then you have to come from Haorah to Tamluk station. After that, you can hire a cab to reach your favorite nearby visiting places in Kolkata.

11. Shantiniketan


It is mainly famous for the great house of Rabindranath Tagore and now a university. Shantiniketan is a small town located in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. The city owns the popular Biswa Bharati University. The university was created by the father of Rabindranath Tagore. It gets very popularity after when Rabindranath Tagore completely changes the concept of education in India. However, spending 2-3 days to this nearby tourist place in Kolkata will refresh your mind completely.

Places to visit in Shantiniketan

Tagore’s Ashrama, Poush Mela, Rabindra Bhaban Museum, Amar Kutir, Khoai Mela, Chatim tala, Prayer hall, Uttarayan complex, Kala Bhavan, China Bhavan, Dear park, Nippon Bhavan, etc. This is a perfect 2 days tour near Kolkata with family.

Where to stay

There are many cheap hotels in Santiniketan like Utsav hotel, Rangamati Garden Resort, Shakuntala Village Resort, Santiniketan Tourist Lodge, Hotel Royal Bengal, Deer Park ECO Home, Sonajhuri Atithi Nibas, etc.

How to reach Shantiniketan

By Road: Kolkata to Shantiniketan distance is 163 km by road. You can drive by a car via Kalyani Expy and NH12 road which takes 3 h 11 min to reach.
By Train: The Nearest railway station is Bolpur Shantiniketan railway station which is 2.8 km away from Shantiniketan. There are many trains run daily from Kolkata to Shantiniketan. Few of them are Ganadevta Express (13017), Shantiniketan Express (12337), Sealdah – Rampurhat Intercity Exp (12373), Maa Tara Express (13187), Kanchanjunga Express (13175), etc.

10. Talasari Beach or Talsari Beach Digha

Talasari Beach one of the best places to visit near kolkata
Talasari Beach near Kolkata

It is one amongst the beautiful places to go near Kolkata which is located in the Baleswar district, in Odisha. This beach is just 10 km from Digha. Talasari sea beach is pristine, serene and has been offered with a magnificent view. This is one of the secret beaches near Kolkata and still beyond the reach of pollution. This virgin beach has sand dunes, peaceful waves, several palm trees, coconut trees that attract tourists from all over the country.

There is a fish market near the beach where you can find many stalls of cooked chicken, crabs and fishes. Besides being a sea beach, Talasari is also a border of the Subornorekha River that flows towards the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the beaches that refresh your mind and make a pleasant weekend trip from Kolkata.

Where to stay

There are many cheap hotels in Talasari beach like Hotel Mamoni Group, Shree Inn Talasari, Panthasala Chandaneswar, Hotel Mahek, Hotel Megh Balika, Hotel Blue Waves, etc.

How To Reach Talasari Beach

The easiest way to reach this destination near Kolkata from Digha. Digha to Talsari distance is only 10km. You have to hire a motor van or toto-rickshaw to reach Talsari beach Digha. There is a lot of buses run daily from Esplanade, Kolkata to Digha. The regular train also available from Howrah station to Digha railway station.

Talasari Beach Odisha – Video credited to AB ka Vlogs

9. Mayapur


It is situated at the crossings of the Ganges and Jalangi River in Nadia district of West Bengal. Mayapur is a peaceful city with beautiful views and many temples, making it ideal weekend destinations near Kolkata. Mayapur is a popular Vaishnavite religious center founded by Saint Bhakti, Vinod Thakur. Many people believed that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, incarnate of Lord Krishna, was born here in 1486 AD. Mayapur is famous for Chandrodaya Temple, Pmadhupada Samadhi, Shree Chaitanyamath, Dashavatar Goswami Maharaj Temple and Chand Kazi Samadhi.

Places to visit in Mayapur

This is a perfect 2 days trip from Kolkata when covering ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple, Roga Peeth, Chand Kazi’s Samadhi, Sri Chaitanya Math, Shri Devanada Gaudiya Math, etc.

Where to stay in Mayapur

There are many cheap hotels in Mayapur like Hotel Kailash & Guest House, Isodyan Bhavan, Jagannath Guest House, Shree Krishna Guest House, Hotel Haveli, Hare Krishna Dharmashala, Asian Guest House, Hotel City Pride, Chupi Kasthashali Pakhiralay

How to go there

By Train: There are no railway stations available in Mayapur. You have to take a train from Shealdah station to Nabadwip railway station first. Nabadwip and Mayapur distance is around 30km. You can hire a cab to reach Mayapur.

8. Jayrambati


It is a pleasant town in the Bankura district of West Bengal. It is an important pilgrimage point for the followers of Sri Ramakrishna and Holy Mother Sri Sharada Devi. The town has several small temples (mandir) throughout the town. The most popular one is the Sri Maitri Mandir and it is dedicated to the Holy Mother. The religious aspect of the town and its culture make it one of the places to visit near Kolkata for 1 day.

However, many people prefer only Garh Mandarn as a one day trip from Kolkata. This is also a very good place for an excursion to the students.

Places to visit

The most attractive place to visit in here is Matrimandir which is the birthplace of Sri Sharada Devi. Bhanu Pishi House, Garh Mandaran Fort, Punya Pukur, Shihar Shiva Temple, Dharma Thakur Temple, Telo Belo, Mayer Dighi, Puratan Bari and Nutan Bari, etc very popular tourist places near Kolkata.

How to Reach

It is very well connected to all major cities by train, air, and road. Jayrambati is only 86 km from Kolkata.
By Train: You have to come Kaliyaganj railway station first and hire a cab to reach your destinations. It takes only 2 hours from Kolkata to Jayrambati by train.
By Air: Bagdogra airport is just 32 km from here. Cabs are available from Bagdogra airport to Jayrambati.
By Bus: A lot of buses are available for this route like Volvo A/C Semi-sleeper (2+2), Volvo A/C Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2), and other private buses. All buses boarding point is Esplanade, Kolkata.

Where to stay

Few cheap Jayrambati hotels are Hotel Ananya, Sarada Lodge, Hotel Abhishek, Laxmi Mata Guest House, Banalata Resort, Light House hotel, Hotel Shrestha Inn, Hotel Anandamoyee, Panthashala at Jayrambati

7. Sonajhuri Forest

Sonajhuri Forest best places to visit near kolkata
Sonajhuri Forest near Kolkata

Away from the city crowd, Sonajhuri is a hidden tourist place near Kolkata, West Bengal. It is considered one of the cleanest forests in India. The Sonajhuri forest is a great alternative to be close to nature. The Sonajhuri forest is full of lush green trees that have blooming flowers. This place has not been touched by industrialization and is occupied by tribal people who lead simple lives. The pristine river that flows through the forest makes the whole place other beautiful places to see near Kolkata.

How to reach

Bolpur Railway station is the nearest railway station to Sonajhuri Forest. You can hire a cab or take an auto-rickshaw to reach the destination.

Where to stay

You can stay in all resorts and hotels nearby Bolpur Shantiniketan. The distance from Bolpur to Sonajhuri forest is just 4.5 km and it takes only 16 minutes by car to reach your destinations.

6. Garchumuk


Located at the junction of the Hooghly and Damodar rivers. This place has a quiet scenic beauty that makes it a beautiful tourist spot near Kolkata. The wavy irrigation canal that connects the two rivers adds to the beauty of the place. The government bungalow is located near the confluence. There is also a deer park inside the campus of the old bungalow. Although, the place must occupy on the tourist map as an important places to visit near Kolkata.

How to Reach

The daily train is available from Howrah to Uluberia, which takes 45 minutes to arrive. You can rent jeep, trekker or taxi from there to get to Garchumuk. Buses also available from Esplanade to Garchumuk, which takes 2.5 hours to travel 60 km distance.

5. Mython

Mython best places to visit near kolkata
Mython near Kolkata

This is a popular weekend trip near Kolkata. Also known Mython Dam, located 48 km from Dhanbad. Many people love browsing when it comes to Mython. There are several islands in the middle of the water. The most famous tourist destinations are Boat Island, Spoon Island, Anand Island and Green Island. Among the attractions are Green Island and Anand Island. These islands are a piece of land raised in deep water. Where there are rocks and deep jungle. This is a very famous Kolkata tourist spot for youngsters.

Things to do

Boating and take many photos of the beautiful nature. Visit the Kalyaneshwari Temple, Mythan Lake, Topchanchi Lake, etc. This is a perfect place to visit near Kolkata in December, January and until the end of February.

How to reach

The distance from Kolkata to Maithan is 234 km. There is no direct train available from Kolkata. First, you must come to the Asansol station. After that, you can rent a taxi or a private car to reach your destination directly. Asansol train station and Mython distance are only 18 km.

Where to stay

Cheap hotels in Mython are like WBTDC Maithan Lodge (ph.084204 38475), Hotel Shantinivas (ph.094776 42716), Sumandeep International (ph.01243986368), etc.

Mython – Video credit to Avijit Chatterjee

4. Mukutmanipur

Mukutmanipur is a small town in the Bankura district in West Bengal and closes at the Jharkhand border. It is located right where the Kangsabati and Kumari rivers meet. A small serene city that is, attracts many tourists who come here in search of quiet weekend destinations nearby from Kolkata. Mukutmanipur Dam is said to be the second-largest dam in the country. The lush green forest, the clear blue water and the background with a dark green hill make this other beautiful places to visit near Kolkata.

How to reach

Kolkata to Mukutmanipur distance is 263 km and direct train available from Kolkata. You must reach Bankura Junction train station from Howrah, which is 189 km away. You can take regular buses or rent a taxi and get to the destination. The distance between the Bankura train station and Mukutmanipur is only 55 km.

Where to stay

There are few cheap Mulutmanipur hotels and lodge-like Peerless Resort Mukutmanipur (ph.09932787993), Hotel Amrapali (ph.09434628962), Sonajhuri Prakriti Bhraman Kendra (ph.07602088036), Oishi Plaza (ph.07319452072).

3. Muruguma

Muruguma west bengal
Muruguma in Purulia

It is a tribal town, located on the edge of the border of Purulia and Jharkhand. Kenkechi Hill, Lake Muruguma and the green forest are worth it as nearby places to visit in Kolkata. When you walk on several trails in Murguma, you must admit that nature has been very abundant in this place. You can visit its nearby attractions, such as Girguri waterfalls, Kenkechi hill, and Ukumburra hills.

Places to visit

You can rent a car and take a day trip to Ayodha Pahar, which is a few kilometers away. The main attractions here are Lower Dam, Upper Dam, Tarpania Lake, Pakhi Hill, Deulghata Temple, Bamni Waterfall, Khairabera Lake, and Turga Waterfall.

How to reach

By train: from Kolkata, you must take the Rupasi Bangla train and arrive at Purulia Junction railway station. Then, hire a taxi or a private car to reach Muruguma, which is 45 km away. Alternatively, there is another train available from Howrah station to Muri Jharkhand station. Then you must hire a taxi to get to your destination.
By road: you have to pass the Ranchi road through Purulia.

Where to stay

Recently, a resort that is 150 meters from the lake has been built. The complex offers modern facilities such as TV in the room, double bed, air cooler and hot water upon request. Alternatively, 2-3 tents are also available that can be more adventures in this unique tourist spot near Kolkata.
Booking information: Aaranyak Murguma Tent Resort, Phone: +91 9830644510, 9830885455

2. Garpanchkot


Garh Panchkot is a ruined fort located on the slope of Panchet Hill in the Purulia district, West Bengal. A group of Maratha soldiers sacked this Panchkot Palace during 1741-1751. However, they completely destroyed this palace and killed the king’s entire guard. History tells us that the king had 17 wives in this palace who committed suicide by jumping into the well. Therefore, this Panchkot palace remains a ruin and probably the lonely tourist places near Kolkata within 500 km.

How to reach

It is located just 249 km from Kolkata. You have to take a train from Howrah station and get to Asansol station. You can hire a trekker or a taxi from there to reach Garpanchkot. In addition, you can take another local train from Asanson station to get to Kumardubi station. Then, hire a taxi to get to your destination.
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1. Mousuni Island

mousuni island
Mousuni island

This Island is the example of one of those virgin islands where most human feet have not yet left their tracks. The unexplored island is hidden in Namkhana of West Bengal. This island that is near the Sunderban Delta may be one of the best weekend places near Kolkata.

The main attraction that describes this island is the peace of the beach. The beautiful sunset on the sea and the rivers make Mousini Island a unique place to visit near Kolkata for 2 days. I bait, this may be one of your favorite adventure trips in your entire life.

How to reach

You have to take the bus or train to get to Namkhana. Then cross the Hatania Doania river by boat. Now hire a Toto to get to Bagdanga kheya ghat. After that, you must cross another river by boat to reach Bagdanga. Finally, management will pick you up and leave you at the best Kolkata travel place.

Where to stay

There are 5 bamboo cottages which cost you around Rs.1400 per person. 6 family tents (3 people each) which cost you Rs.1200 per person. 6 dome tents (2 people each) which cost you Rs.1000 per person. All prices are including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Note: You need to pay extra for chicken barbecue as per your needs.

Believe me or not those above name of the beautiful places are very famous among tourists in West Bengal. I personally visited all of these places and enjoyed every moment. Stop thinking much and choose one of these beautiful places to visit near Kolkata. November to February is the best time to visit any of those places. So do it fast before you miss the best hotels and train. Don’t forget to share your experience of these places with us.

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