10 Best Resorts In Shirdi

Picture yourself in a luxurious room after sightseeing at one of India’s revered holy places. Welcome to Shirdi, where ancient customs blend seamlessly with modern amenities at top-notch resorts. This article will guide you through the best resorts in Shirdi.

Shirdi is a spiritual town in the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra, India. It’s famous as the home of the respected saint, Shri Sai Baba. Every year, millions of followers and tourists visit.

These places provide more than just a bed. They immerse you in local culture, history, and spirituality. 

Whether you seek tranquility or thrill, these resorts suit all travelers. So, please sit back and let us guide you to these fantastic locations!

Best Resorts In Shirdi

1. Sai Neem Tree Hotel

Resorts In Shirdi

The Sai Neem Tree Hotel is near the Sai Teerth Spiritual Theme Park. It’s a modern, attractive hotel with spacious rooms, detailed wooden decor, and furniture. 

The hotel has an outdoor fireplace, seating, terrace, and garden. It also offers a playground for children and a games room filled with board games and puzzles. 

It also has a coffee house and a restaurant that serves tasty food. The hotel hosts evening entertainment and karaoke nights. 

It also provides public transport tickets, meeting rooms, banquet facilities, and shuttle services if needed.

Sai Neem Tree Hotel Room Price

  • ₹ 3,060 Onwards

2. Hotel Sai Miracle

Hotel Sai Miracle

The Hotel Sai Miracle is a modern hotel in the heart of Shirdi. It is close to the famous Sai Baba Temple. 

It has a friendly environment, great decoration, and polite staff. The hotel offers comfortable, well-decorated rooms, a rooftop restaurant, and a 24-hour front desk. 

It’s also a quick drive to Shirdi Water Park and Wet N Joy Water Park.

Hotel Sai Miracle Room Price

  • ₹ 4,499 Onwards

3. Hotel Yogiraj

Resorts In Shirdi

Hotel Yogiraj is a comfortable hotel near the famous Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi. Its simple style and welcoming atmosphere offer a peaceful spot for guests to relax.

The hotel has a restaurant that offers tasty Indian food. The Dwarkamai Mosque and Wet N Joy Water Park are other attractions nearby.

Hotel Yogiraj Room Price

  • ₹ 1,199 Onwards

4. Hotel G-Square 

Hotel G-Square 

Hotel G-Square in Shirdi is a contemporary hotel in the city center. It provides comfortable rooms for visitors at reasonable prices. 

The hotel features a children’s game room, a travel desk for personalized travel assistance, an on-site ATM and currency exchange, and a restaurant that offers delicious local and Indian cuisine.

Hotel G-Square Room Price

  • ₹ 3,300 Onwards

5. Hotel Sai Vishwa

Resorts In Shirdi

Hotel Sai Vishwa in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India, is a well-liked place to stay. It’s near the Sai Baba Temple, just 500 meters away. 

This makes it easy for visitors who want to go to the temple. The hotel offers various rooms and suites to suit all budgets.

Guests can eat tasty vegetarian food at the hotel’s restaurant or unwind in the gardens. It’s a cozy and handy place for tourists exploring Shirdi.

Hotel Sai Vishwa Room Price

  • ₹ 1,259 Onwards

6. St Laurn The Spiritual Resort

St Laurn The Spiritual Resort

St Laurn, The Spiritual Resort, is a peaceful place providing a modern yet divine experience. The hotel’s calm environment and excellent service make it a great choice for a spiritual retreat. 

It has a health center, an outdoor pool, and a vegetarian restaurant. Its close location to the Sai Baba Temple makes it perfect for guests wanting to enjoy Shirdi’s heavenly atmosphere.

St Laurn The Spiritual Resort Room Price

  • ₹ 4,500 Onwards

7. Hotel Sai Jashan

Resorts In Shirdi

Hotel Sai Jashan is an affordable hotel in the sacred town of Shirdi. It provides cozy, large rooms with essential facilities. 

The hotel has a restaurant that serves various cuisines and provides 24-hour room service. It’s near the famous Sai Baba temple, which makes it an excellent stay for pilgrims.

Hotel Sai Jashan Room Price

  • ₹ 2,899 Onwards

8. Hotel Dwarka Park

Hotel Dwarka Park

Dwarka Park Hotel is a contemporary hotel in central Shirdi, near the Saibaba Temple. It’s perfect for families on a pilgrimage. 

The hotel offers spacious, chic rooms, a restaurant serving delicious Indian and local cuisine, a cozy lounge, and a business center for those traveling for work.

Hotel Dwarka Park Room Price

  • ₹ 2,800 Onwards

9. Jivanta Shirdi

Resorts In Shirdi

Jivanta Shirdi is a luxurious hotel near Shirdi’s famous Sai Baba shrine. The hotel’s pleasant atmosphere and excellent decor offer comfort and relaxation. 

It features a multi-cuisine restaurant, a spa, and a swimming pool. 

This makes the hotel an excellent base for exploring the city.

Jivanta Shirdi Room Price

  • ₹ 3,400 Onwards

10.Hotel Saimeera Palace

Hotel Saimeera Palace

Hotel Sameera Palace is a well-liked hotel in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India, known for the Shirdi Sai Baba temple. The hotel is near the temple, making it perfect for visitors wanting to stay close. 

It has cozy, well-furnished rooms and many facilities. In short, Hotel Sameera Palace provides a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Saimeera Palace Room Price

  • ₹ 900 Onwards

Final Thoughts

Shirdi has many resorts for all kinds of visitors. These places offer luxury, comfort, and a spiritual experience. 

They are close to the Sai Baba Temple and provide personalized services, making them perfect for pilgrims and vacationers. Shirdi has everything, whether you’re looking for affordable or luxury resorts. 

Don’t wait; book your stay and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere unique to Shirdi.

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