Top 5 Famous Festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is called Land of Fort. But calling the state a land of fairs and festival will not be wrong. In the twelve months, the Rajasthanis are enjoying more teens. In winter, summer and autumn-spring, the festivities of Pushkar, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner in Rajasthan will be more colorful if you plan to travel with local artists dancing, singing, eating and crafting these festivals in mind. These famous festivals of Rajasthan are enough to fill your mind with joy.

1. Camel Fair in Pushkar

camel fair of rajasthan
Camel Fair in Pushkar – A Famous Festivals of Rajasthan

The biggest camel fair in the world is Pushkar in Rajasthan which is the most famous festivals of Rajasthan. Many local and foreign tourists come to visit this fair only. The fair runs for seven days before Kartik Purnima. The end of the full moon day. Jagatpita returned home with the puja at the Brahma temple. It is said that Hindu deities descended on Pushkar lake during Kartik Purnima. Faith, bathing in the water of the lake during this sacred time can cure difficult illness, wash away sin. The fair brought vendors from different parts of Rajasthan. Thousands of camels are filled with elaborate fair courtyards. Many of the camels love to dress at this famous camel fair in Pushkar.
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horse in camel festival of rajasthan
Horses in Camel Fair in Rajasthan

Cows and horses are bought and sold. At the fair, Rajasthan provides luxury tents. Apart from Pushkar, the Nagaur fair is held in January-February. Nagaur on the way from Jodhpur to Bikaner. Over a million animal vendors are gathered here! At the same time, the Department of Tourism Art and Craft organized a Bikaner camel fair. Here camel racing, camel dance, acrobat. In addition, it is surprising to see tattoos trimmed on camel’s hair. There are different types of competitions, dances, and songs to entertain these three fairs.

Camel Fair in Pushkar Video

2. Festival of Shiva Parvati

shiv parvati festivals of rajasthan
Shiva Parvati Festivals of Rajasthan

The festival begins in July-August in Jaipur. Shiva Parvati’s Milan festival. During this time, wives pray for their husbands to their mother. There is a huge procession of Teja Mata arranged on the dais, somewhere and again in the cow carriage. Married girls take part in the festival, wearing mehndi in hand, as a sulkara, in former Rajasthani dress or red sari. The streets of Pink City are filled with different colors. Artists walk in to perform folk songs and dances. Rajasthani food and other items are sitting on both sides of the road. Apart from Jaipur, there is a Tees festival in Bundi.

3. Gangaur Festivals

Like the Tees, the Gangaur festival in Rajasthan also celebrated at Jaipur in March-April. On the occasion, Goddess Gauri returned. It is here that a procession and festival is held with the statue of Gauri. Unmarried girls walk through the lamps in hopes of their husbands. Somewhere there is a palanquin, horse carriage, elephant in the ceremony. Along with the dance-songs, the night sky shone and the lights were on. During this time, the girls came to the spring festival at the festival of Udaipur. Here too, Shiva-Parvati’s Vigra was brought to Pichola by marching in Rajasthani dress.

4. Kite Festivals in Rajasthan

Kite Festivals in Rajasthan

Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival begins in Capricorn. The city’s polo grounds have a three-day festival. Kite flyers, local and foreigners make it crowd. The award goes for the best flyer. At this time, the sky of Jodhpur stay cover with colorful kites of various sizes.

The International Kite Festival in Jaipur which also one of the famous festivals of Rajasthan. The most colorful festival in Rajasthan offers unlimited fun and fun. This festival is celebrated on January 14 of each year, the day of Makar Sankranti.

5. Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Jaisalmer desert festivals of rajasthan
Jaisalmer Desert Festival

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is one of them in every February. Rajasthani folk music, dance, food bar, handicrafts, camel racing, sticks play, biggest bow competitions, turban tying, and even Mr. Desert competition. Local people dresses up in Rajasthani traditional and bright costumes. The rare competitions like camel polo make this as great festivals of Rajasthan.
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Jaisalmer Desert Festivals – Video credit to TRYB4 DEATH

Apart from local fairs, the Rajasthan Tourism Department organizes various festivals to attract tourists. During the Buddha Purnima as well as, the Summer Festival is very famous in Mount Abu. Rajasthan’s best folk dance group performs. Local artists perform Qawwali songs at night. This time the boat race is on Lake Nakki. At night the sky lit up with fireworks.

Things to Remember

At any fairs or festivals of Rajasthan, a huge number of tourists come together. Always book hotels and cars in advance. Meanwhile, be sure to check when buying things from handicrafts. Take permission for the camera in religious area.

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