7 Best Himachal Pradesh Destinations That Still Unexplored and Lonely

Himachal Pradesh is identical with scenic beauty, serene landscape, and adventure sports. Situated in the western part of Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh has many hill stations. Few of them are very popular places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. However, it ensures a remarkable holiday if you are adventurous enough to discover the best Himachal Pradesh destinations that still unexplored. Himachal is a different form of farther north than Kalpa. The seemingly rough nature and the incomparable valley will attract your mind.

7 Best Himachal Pradesh Destinations Still Unexplored

See the most beautiful tourist places to visit in Siliguri that you should definitely visit in 2020. All those people who are looking for some kind of lonely place should visit these hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Beautiful Himachal Pradesh destinations like Nako, Tabo, Kaja, Pin Valley, Key Gompa, Kunzum Pass, Chandra Taal, etc.

1. Nako

Nako in Himachal Pradesh

Spiti is a beautiful village on the river. The fantasy film changes beyond imagination. The greenery began to decline. As height increases, roughness is accompanied. 5 km from Kalpa Enter the rough Hanging Valley. On the way, check out the awesome Lotsaba Monastery. At the end of Kinnar is a beautiful village at an altitude of about 3,000 feet. It is almost like a rural Tibet. Around the rough valley. The pine and fur are inseparable. In the middle of it is a beautiful Nako Lake which is one of the unexplored Himachal Pradesh destinations.

After this, reach Nako village at the end of the gallows. Old houses on rocky sidewalks. Check out the monastery, apple orchard, kali temple. The scenery of the snow-covered Leo-Pergill Mountains, just above the village of Nako, will be mind-blowing. There are several trekking routes from Nako. Come to Buddhist temples on the north side of the lake to hear various myths.
You may know more about Nako from Wikitravel.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is at Shimla which is 267 km. from Kalpa.
By Train: Nearest railway station to the Kalpa is Shimla (260 km)
It is 106 km from Kalpa along the Spiti river, through the bridge. It will take 5 hours. The bus goes this way, but it is better not to come by bus.

Where to stay

There is no public hotel near this hill station in Himachal. There are several private hotels to stay at. Hotel Kinnar Camp (ph.09418440767) Rent -Rs.4500 – Rs.6500. Lovan Guest House (ph.09433725778), rent Rs.1200- Rs.1500. Lake view (1), Rent 3-5 Taka. Lakeview (09418440767) Rent Rs.1300- Rs.1800. According to the season, the rent increases and decreases.
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2. Tabo

tabo Himachal Pradesh destinations
Tabo – Himachal Pradesh

These offbeat places in Himachal is just after the Nako. Many says it is the Ajanta in the Himalayas. In the gray hills, there is a valley of snowy surprises and the strange beauty of the desert. The Tibetan style of the village, which is located on the hillside, has many boxes. The temple on the banks of the Spiti River, Gomfa, with a height of 5 feet, is called Tabo. This vast area of Lahul-Spiti was under the Tibetan kings once. Therefore this is becoming one of the best Himachal Pradesh destinations.

The UNESCO list of World Heritage sites has made the name of Tabo Gumpha. The wall of this Gumpha is amazing on the outside in the herbal color of the god Bubba. Sungalakhan Gumpha, the monastery on the dark gray hills of Dhankar and Po Gumpha are remarkable. Be sure to check out the Tibetan style, various disciples of the Lord Buddha, and various statues of gods and goddesses, masks, ancient scrolls containing ancient inscriptions, religious robes in religious robes.

How to reach

It is 65 km away from the Nako. Villages on the left side of the Spiti river is Tabo.

Where to stay

There are many private hotels to stay at. Maitreya Guesthouse (10906-223329), rent 1000 – 1200 Rupees. Hotel Siddhartha (Ph.09418817761) rent Rs.900 – Rs.1200. Tiger Dane (Ph.09433120997) rent – Rs.1250 – Rs.1650. Monastery Guesthouse (10906 -223315) rent – Rs.400 – Rs.1100


3. Kaja

kaja Himachal Pradesh destinations
Kaja – Himachal Pradesh

Himachal’s Spiti means a country of lush green hills and cold deserts. The unexplored places in Himachal of the Spiti district is Kaja, at an altitude of 3660 meters. The valley is covered with a thick layer of ice from November to June. This time the path becomes inaccessible. Due to the closure of Kunjum Pass, the road cannot reach Manali. Entering the Spiti Valley through the Sumedo Valley.

What to see

Here is the junction of the Spiti and Pir river which make these place famous Himachal Pradesh destinations. The Kinnar border is the last city on the river. The beauty of this path is just fascination. Walk down the Spiti River. Richly rough mountains of various colors and small towns. Crossing the Hurling Bridge, you reach a fortress enclosed in a cavernous compound called the Spiti Fort. A thousand-year-old rice dwarf has been built on the Bichitranga hill. El Goma is in La Od Pilaghag and Lobsaba La Khang.

4. Pin Valley

pin valley himacjal pradesh destinations
Pin Valley – Himachal Pradesh

From Atrango crossing the Spiti River on the left side is Pin Valley and the offbeat hill stations in Himachal. The iceless pins are full of turmeric herb flowers in the turmeric grass of the valley. There are several gummies on this route. Among these, the Gungri Gumtha is indispensable for Tantric Buddhists at the foot of the Gungri Glacier.

Pin Valley National Park is home to rare species of Himachal wildlife. However, this route is completely passable. Here are some of the best birdwatching addresses with iBooks, Snow Leopard, Whorl. Those who come here are basically hikers. One of the picturesque towns of Kaja, situated in a gray mountain enclosure.

Pin Valley – Video credit Harsh Khari

5. Key Gompa

best himacjal pradesh destinations
Key Gompa in Himachal Pradesh

32 km away is the famous Himachal Pradesh destinations Key Gompa. Under the thick blue sky at a height of 4116 meters, the 13th-century gompa covered mahal is remarkable. Upon entering the stairs, you will find numerous murals, various Tibetan deities, and the ‘Gilluba’ scriptures. Apart from this, you can see Kibber village which is just 8 km away from Key Gompa. You can see the town and reach the town of Kibber. The distance from Kaza to the town of Kibber is 20 km.

There is another village about 4999 meters high on the foot, which is the world’s highest motorized village. Only 6 family lives here. The name of the village is at the gate. In winter, these two villages become detached from the outer world. The temperature drops below 3 degrees and which below the freezing point. The snow leopards can be seen here in the deep winter period. This can be the best places to visit in Himachal with family or friends.

How to reach

This Himachal Pradesh destinations is just 59 km away from Kaja and 12 km from Kaja.

Where to stay

You can stay here in the state tourist department’s lodge Spiti (Ph.09418022752), rent – Rs.1900 – Rs.2400. Private hotels include Hotel Spiti Sarai (08584852702), rent Rs.1600 – Rs.2800. Hotel Dalek House (08584852705) rent Rs.1600 – Rs.2800. Hotel Viejo (09418402660) rent Rs.1000 – Rs.2100. Hotel Spiti Valley (09418927312), rent Rs.1500 – Rs.2400. Each hotel’s rent increases according to the season.

6. Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass
Kunzum Pass in Himachal Pradesh

The end of Spiti valley and the start of the Lahul Valley. This is the only way to reach Manali is through these two valleys. This glacial slope at an altitude of 4551 meters is one of the best Himachal Pradesh destinations. Only open for 6 months, the rest of the time is covered in ice. Under the blue sky is a gathering of various snowflakes. At one time, it was through this route that commercial contact with Central Asia was protected. On the two sides, there is a narrow trail overlooking the snow-capped Glacier and the Chandrabhaga horn. Come over to Kunjum Mata’s temple. Many people came to worship at this Devimatara temple.
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7. Chandra Taal

chandra taal himachal pradesh destinations
Chandra Taal in Himachal Pradesh

One can travel about 8 km north of Kunjum on the way to the sandalwood, 14,100 feet northeast of Himachal. Beneath the blue sky, The transparent chandelier’s blue sire is extraordinary. It is from this lunar eclipse that the moon is formed. And here is the Chandrabhaga river which was created by joining the Bhaga river. Come from Kunjum to Grampo. A mountain village surrounded by a remarkable nature which definitely makes this the best places to visit in Himachal.

Cahndratal Video – Credited to ‘Tanya Khanijow’

Come from Kunjum Grampo to Shishu village. This is the last village in the Spiti Valley is like a greenery picture postcard. The gondola will fall to a height of 3,160 meters. Little known, this village has a beautiful fort. From Gondola you can come to Kelong which is another Himachal Pradesh points of interest. Upon arriving Kelong is a small, unnamed beauty spot. The Chandrabhaga river flows along this village. There are various trekking routes. The valley is full of small flowers on the hillside.

There are several tents to stay on the Chandra Taal. You have to book them from Kaja. However, there is no place to stay in Kunjum Pass. If you are coming with a group of friends then you can carry own tent and foods along with. I am very sure that these 7 best Himachal Pradesh destinations will mark in your memory forever.

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