Top 10 Honeymoon Places in Munnar

After the flurry of wedding planning, the big day finally arrives. After exchanging vows, the newlyweds go on their honeymoon. Here we discuss about the top 10 honeymoon places in Munnar.

For many couples, the honeymoon is their first chance to take it easy and enjoy each other’s company. But then, it’s time to kick back and celebrate this new chapter in your lives.

The Indian state of Kerala has a hill station called Munnar. It is in the mountain range called the Western Ghats.

Munnar is known for its beautiful scenery and tea plantations. In India, it is a popular place to go on a honeymoon.

Wherever you go, make sure to take plenty of pictures. You’ll want to remember this memorable trip for years to come!

Visit these 10 Munnar honeymoon destinations for a romantic getaway:

List of Honeymoon Places in Munnar below:

1. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Is One Of The Best Honeymoon Places in Munnar

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is a large, emerald-green tea plantation on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It’s about 90 minutes from Munnar. 

It offers breathtaking views of undulating tea gardens, “Shola” woods, and stunning mountains.

At 7900 feet, this tea estate takes pride in being the world’s tallest tea plantation. In the early 1900s, a Scottish planter established a tea plantation.

When you go inside, you are transported back to the colonial age. Kolukkumalai is one of the greatest spots to visit in Kerala.

It’s an excellent place for couples to enjoy the views and tasty teas.

2. Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam is one of the most famous and favorite places for tourists in Kerala. Likewise, it is a must-see spot in Munnar. 

This beautiful place is surrounded by the Anamudi peak, rolling tea gardens, and a lake that looks like it belongs in a picture. The Dam is almost 1700 meters high, making it one of Munnar’s highest dams and an essential part of any Kerala package. 

The Pallivasal Hydroelectric Project’s 1940 storage concrete gravity dam saved water and generated energy. The Indo-Swiss agriculture project, 3 km from the Dam, is equally peaceful.

From there, you can see beautiful views of rolling pastures, cattle grazing, green hills, and blue skies. 

It has excellent views, a perfect climate, beautiful surroundings, and lots of things to do, like speedboating on the lake and trekking in the nearby Shola forests.

3. Lockhart Gap Is One Of The Best Honeymoon Places in Munnar

Another gem awaits on the Mattupetty Dam road! Lockhart Gap viewpoint is one of Munnar’s most serene and excellent hiking spots in Kerala.

Its name refers to a crevice between two mountains that seems heart-shaped and can be observed from this breathtaking vantage point. 

You may enjoy several excursions and treks along the picturesque paths, perfect for adventures and climbing, where you can view this area’s rich flora and animals. 

Couples! Don’t forget your cameras when visiting this location—it’s a photographer’s paradise! One of Kerala’s top locations for a honeymoon that you may enjoy with your special someone.

4. Eravikulam National Park

This national park is in Kerala’s Idukki district, about 12–13 km from Munnar. Eravikulam National Park is one of the best places for tourists in Munnar. 

It is home to the rare Nilgiri Tahr, which lives only in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The park is famous for its Neelakurinji flowers. 

These flowers bloom once every 12 years and blanket the landscape in vibrant blue, violet, and purple hues.

Anamudi Peak, which is 8842 feet high, is the highest point in South India. It is in the park. 

You can see some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing sights as you walk along the park’s winding trails and scenic trekking paths. 

This fantastic destination is a favorite choice for Kerala honeymoon packages. It has mist-covered rolling hills, deep woods, rich tea gardens, crystal-clear waterfalls, and uncommon butterflies, birds, and animals.

5. Echo Point Is One Of The Best Honeymoon Places in Munnar

Echo Point is one of Munnar, Kerala’s most popular tourist spots. People love to visit this unusual place and shout as loud as they want to experience the echo phenomenon! 

This point is about 15 km from Munnar. However, its natural beauty and popularity are still mentioned in almost all Kerala packages. 

Its stunning environment and natural echo effect draw visitors of all ages. At this point, there is a lovely lake. This lake is perfect for honeymooners to picnic.

You can take a boat ride, walk along the quiet riverbanks, shout at the hills to hear an echo, or look at the beautiful scenery. On the road between Munnar and Kodaikanal, you can also visit Top Station (about 32 km away from Munnar). 

This is Munnar’s highest peak, where you can see the Western Ghats and Tamil Nadu’s Theni District.

Echo Point and Top Station are the perfect places to unwind, relax, and get to know your partner. So make sure to include them in your Munnar honeymoon packages.

6. Attukal waterfalls Is One Of The Best Honeymoon Places in Munnar

The Attukal waterfalls enhance Munnar’s natural beauty. On the way to Pallivasal, about 9 km from Munnar, you can find these beautiful waterfalls. 

The waterfall is one of Munnar’s most popular attractions. While admiring the waterfalls, you may swim or play in the refreshing water.

The pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall makes it a great place to swim. The heavenly cascade will make you forget all your worries and melt away all your stress right away. 

Go to Adukkal with your partner, and don’t forget to include it in your Kerala packages because this is a place you’ll want to see together.

7. Photo Point Is One Of The Best Honeymoon Places in Munnar

The “Photo Point” is one of Munnar’s most popular tourist spots. The Photo Point is 3 kilometers from Munnar on the route to Mattupetty and Top Station in the Nilgiri Hills.

This beautiful spot is a great place to take a beautiful picture of you and your loved one in front of the lush green tea gardens. The point was apt since it is a magnificent area where tourists can build great memories.

The hills, mountains, and valleys are on one side while rolling tea estates are on the other. This is merely a picturesque curve on the road. Thus there are no entrance costs.

But it has just as beautiful views as any other tourist spot in Munnar. This is how simple and beautiful this place is. 

So, grab your camera and pose with your loved one at this picture-perfect spot for some great selfies and lasting memories.

8. Kalari Kshethra

Kalari Kshethra in Munnar is a unique Indian experience. Kerala’s history and culture are taught at this martial arts school.

Munnar’s Kalari, or training area, is surrounded by mountains and greenery. Visitors may observe students practice and attempt some skills themselves.

Whether you’re a martial arts enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to experience India, Kalari Kshethra is worth a visit.

9. Marayoor Sandalwood forests

The Marayoor sandalwood forests in Munnar are some of India’s most beautiful and unique woods. The sandalwood trees here are ancient. Many rare and endangered plants and animals live in the forest.

The Marayoor forests are a must-visit for any nature lover, and visitors can enjoy many different activities here. These magnificent woodlands provide hiking, birdwatching, and stunning vistas for everyone.

10. 100-year-old Tea Museum

Even if you don’t like tea, you can still enjoy a tea museum. The story of how tea is made and how fresh tea leaves are turned into tea powder is very interesting. 

Tourists can look around tea factories and museums to learn how tea is made. One of these places to see how tea is made from start to finish is the Tea Museum at KDHP’s Nullatanni estate.

This is one of the Munnar Honeymoon Tourist Places that you must see.

The museum’s founders say that the goal is to show the history of the more than 100-year-old tea plantations in this area and how the tea industry has grown. 

Everything is shown here, from picking the tea leaves to finally packing the finished product. In addition to seeing all this, visitors can buy tea products straight from the factory.

Best Time To Visit Munnar

The months of October through February are ideal for visiting Munnar. The weather is mild and lovely throughout the busiest travel period.

March to May is also an excellent time to visit Munnar, as the weather is cool and sunny. June to September is the monsoon season, and it rains heavily in Munnar.


In conclusion, if you want to spend your honeymoon in a place with stunning landscapes, cozy weather, and plentiful lodgings, Munnar is the place for you. Any pair will make lifelong memories in Munnar because of the abundance of things to do and see there.

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