13 Places For Couples In Jaipur

Jaipur the Pink City of India. It is a popular destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. We’ve outlined the best places for couples in Jaipur to make your search easier.

Jaipur’s lively culture, gorgeous palaces, and medieval fortifications make it a great visit. However, finding the ideal location to stay may take time and effort with numerous alternatives. 

Our collection comprises luxurious hotels, pleasant guesthouses, and historical sites with traditional Indian architecture.

Places For Couples In Jaipur

1.1135 AD Restaurant, Amer Fort

1135 AD is a royal restaurant in Amer Fort. Here you can have a lovely dinner with your partner. 

This place serves real royal food like Goolar Kebab, Murgh Shorba, Badam Shorba, Kadak Seekh Kebab, Bhutte Matter Shammi, Raunaq E Seekh, Paneer E Aftaab, and many more. The building has three main parts. 

Shani Aangan is where you can eat in the open air. Swaran Mahal is the main restaurant. Diwan E Khas is the office for business meetings. 

And remember to eat a lovely dinner in the Sheesh Mahal. It is a private eating room with sparkling silver and gold artwork.

2. Padao Restaurant, Nahargarh Fort

Padao restaurant is at the highest point of Nahargarh Fort. 

The restaurant’s location, which affords diners a picturesque panorama of the city, has made it renowned. So you and your significant other may enjoy the cityscape while dining on delicious meals.

3. Terrace Grill, Hotel Park Prime

Imagine a romantic candlelit meal beneath a starry sky. Terrace Grill is perfect for a romantic supper beneath a brilliant moon. 

This hotel is very possibly one of the oldest in Jaipur. But it is one of Jaipur’s most beautiful places to have dinner by candlelight.

4. Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is a great place to spend a lovely evening in Jaipur with an enormous Rajasthani thali. 

It is 20 km from the central city. It has the best of Rajasthani culture, history, food, and traditions. 

There are many activities for couples to do together, such as folk dance, music, live performances, puppet shows, acrobatics, and rides on different animals. 

In addition to eating dinner here, remember you can stay at the lodge. And get a couples massage.

5. Smriti Van – Places For Couples In Jaipur

Smriti Van is a nature park in Gandhi Nagar. It is a part of Jaipur where you can go on a long, romantic walk. 

This tranquil spot attracts couples who wish to escape the metropolis. Smriti van is made up of 11 different parts. 

The tracks are set up so you can look at everything anywhere. The best time for a romantic walk around it is in the morning.

6. Sisodia Rani Garden

In 1728, Maharaja Swai Jai Singh II built Sisodia Rani Garden to sign his love for his second wife. This garden’s design is an excellent blend of Indian and Mughal styles. 

It is 10 km from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra Highway. It is a great place to spend time with your special someone. 

The waterfalls, Radha and Krishna artwork, architecture, temple, green trees, and flowers make for a perfect date.

7. Jawahar Circle Garden

The Jawahar Circle Garden in Jaipur’s Malviya Nagar is said to be the most giant circle garden in Asia. It’s a great place to spend time.

Singing waterfalls, a play area, a snack stand, a rose garden, and a jogging track are among the activities. After 7 p.m., the dancers and singing water make this spot beautiful. 

The Patrika gate is a beloved aspect of the garden, which you must pass through to enter.

8. Central Park – Places For Couples In Jaipur

It’s a wonderful spot for a romantic outing. It has a lush green park, singing waterfalls, a 5 KM long running track, stone sculptures, and a temple. 

The singing water show with lights is the main thing to see here. The park is a paradise for people who love birds because it is home to local and migrant birds. 

Aside from visitors, it’s a popular place for people to go on weekends.

9. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is one of Jaipur’s most beautiful and famous forts. It is in the Aravali mountain range. 

It’s a great place to take your partner to see the fantastic view of the whole city of Jaipur. Along with the majesty of the ideas, the fort has gorgeous buildings, trails for hiking and biking, and tasty food. 

The fort’s hilltop café lets you dine and drink while staring at each other.

10. Amer Fort

Amer Fort is the best place to visit in Jaipur. It is in Amber Village, Rajasthan, 11 km from Jaipur. 

Amer Fort is known for its fantastic art, historical wonders, and beautiful building. However, the attraction of the evening is the light and sound performance depicting the Rajputs’ history. 

And remember to try the food at the 1135 AD diner.

11. Samode Palace

This 475-year-old palace is now one of Jaipur’s most beautiful places to stay. It has a pool outside, world-class restaurants, a setting that looks like a castle, and fantastic architecture. 

Samode Castle is in the town of Samode in Chomu Tehsil. A day passed here with your loved one will make you feel like royalty.

12. Galtaji Temple

Galtaji temple is a beautiful Hindu religious site in Jaipur. Mountains surround it. 

The most noticeable thing about this temple is its bright pink color. The temple has many shrines, the holy Kund, natural streams, and buildings that bring people there yearly. 

So, when you’re in Jaipur, remember to ask for blessings at the Galtaji temple with your special someone.

13. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham temple is dedicated to Lord Narayan. It is known for its beautiful building, artistic pictures of Lord Vishnu, stone carvings, statues, and icons of many Hindu Gods. 

This place is beautiful, especially when candles and lights decorate the entire building at night.


In conclusion, Jaipur offers an abundance of romantic experiences for couples. In addition, every couple may enjoy the city’s history, culture, and rooftop restaurants with breathtaking views. 

Jaipur has everything, whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or an exciting adventure. Jaipur is ideal for honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, and romantic getaways. 

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your partner in one of India’s most beautiful cities!

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