5 Places To Visit In Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a popular place to go to get healthy. It is in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Here is a list of the best 5 places to visit in Hazaribagh, a town on a hill. 

The name Hazaribagh means “a thousand gardens” in English. Hazaribagh is about 200 feet above sea level.

About 45% of the land in the state of Jharkhand comprises forests. So the whole area of Hazaribagh is full of lush greenery. 

The place is full of plants and animals. On the northeastern side of Chotanagpur hill is where the town. 

The place is beautiful and has a lot of religious meaning, which makes it hard to leave. However, Hazaribagh also has a place in the past of India. 

In addition to being home to many Jain temples during the British Raj, Hazaribagh was a cantonment for a few years. So, the old city of Hazaribagh is well-planned because of this. 

History Of Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh, a city in Jharkhand, India, has a history that dates back to ancient times. It is believed that various dynasties, including the Mauryas and Guptas, once ruled the region. 

Hazaribagh was an important center for trade during the Mauryan period. During the medieval period, Hazaribagh came under the rule of the Mughals, who British colonialists followed. 

Due to its lush grounds and numerous natural resources, the British turned Hazaribagh into a mining and agricultural center. Many Europeans moved to Hazaribagh during this period, enhancing cultural interchange.

Places To Visit In Hazaribagh

1. Hazaribagh Lake

Hazaribagh Lake is one of the most important parts of the town. It is in the middle of the city. 

The houses of necessary government and legal officials surround it. 

The lake has its character because it is split into four different parts.

On the northern side, the Urban Haat and AIR buildings block the view of the sky from the edge of the third wall. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful place to watch the sun set and rise. 

The most significant part of the lake is also the third part. The lake also has water sports and is a popular place for picnics. 

When you go to Hazaribagh Lake, you can take long walks and ride toy trains at the nearby restaurant.

2. Rajrappa

The Rajrappa Temple is a significant temple dedicated to the goddess Chinnamastaka. It is located where the rivers Damodar and Bhairavi meet. 

When the River Bhairavi meets the River Damodar, it drops 30 feet. This creates a beautiful stream near the temple. 

The waterfalls’ beauty makes them a favorite picnic spot and swimming spot. Animal sacrifice, or “Bali,” is still performed at the temple, which is notable for its armless figure. 

There are statues of ten other gods here besides the main god. The temple is an integral part of history and gets a lot of worshippers every day.

3. Hazaribagh National Park

Many animals live in Hazaribagh National Park, which covers about 186 km2. The national park is famous for being home to cheetahs, sambhars, nilgai, bison, spotted deer, and kakas. 

The national park’s 111-kilometer road allows visitors to see animals in their natural habitats. Watch towers are intelligently designed to safeguard animals without getting too near. 

As of the last count, there were only 14 tigers left in the area, so they are hard to see.

4. Konar Dam – Places To Visit In Hazaribagh

The Konar Dam is one of the most beautiful places in the area. The dam is built on the Konar, a branch of the Damodar River. 

The Damodar Valley Corporation is building four projects on the rivers that feed into the Damodar River. This dam is the second one. 

The dam is 160 feet tall and 14900 feet long. The big lake behind the dam is the main draw of the area. 

The pond is a beautiful place with a peaceful view of the water that has been gathered. On the way to the main reservoir, there is another small pond. 

It has a beautiful picture-postcard view and is a great place to spend the day.

5. Canary Hills

Canary Hills is another vital city feature. A thick forest surrounds it.

A small lake is at the base of the hills; from there, you can see the whole city of Hazaribagh. Trekkers also like to go there because the path is said to have beautiful views all along the way. 

The Canary Hills may be reached by car or on foot. A rest house with an observation tower overlooks the eastern Hazaribagh forest from the hilltop.

Best Time To Visit In Hazaribagh

The greatest time to go is November through February when temperatures vary from 10°C to 25°C. Clear skies and gentle breezes make outdoor activities pleasurable for travelers in dry weather.  

You can explore places like Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary or Panchmandir Temple without worrying about heavy rainfall or scorching heat.

If you prefer a vibrant atmosphere during your travels, planning a trip during Durga Puja would be perfect!


In conclusion, Hazaribagh offers plenty regarding natural beauty, cultural value, and adventurous activities. This scenic location has something for everyone, from Canary Hill Lake’s serene waters to Rajrappa’s elegant temples. 

Hazaribagh will succeed you if you like history, nature, or a lot of excitement. So pack your bags and explore the hidden gems of this enchanting land. 

Hazaribagh will surely leave an indelible mark on your heart with its warm hospitality and stunning vistas!

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