Places To Visit In Narkanda

Narkanda is a peaceful town near Shimla off the beaten path in Himachal Pradesh. It has beautiful sites and a relaxing atmosphere. There are a lot of lovely places to visit in Narkanda.

Apple fields, oak and cedar forests, and beautiful greenery surround this hidden treasure in Dev Bhoomi. Skiers visit Narkanda in winter, and nature lovers remember its lakes and meadows. 

The places are about 11,150 feet above sea level and have a lot of exciting trips to offer. But regardless of when you decide to go there, Narkanda’s enigmatic beauty will enchant you.

It will help you have a great holiday away from the busy city life.

6 Best Places To Visit In Narkanda

1. Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak’s breathtaking views of the surrounding slopes are due to its 12,000-foot elevation. You can observe the dense cedar and fir forest from Shimla’s highest peak. 

Nature fans will be mesmerized by the place. Trekkers also like to go to Hatu Peak, surrounded by lush green alpines with stunning views. 

This is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Narkanda. It adds to the beauty of the whole area.

2. Tannu Jubbar Lake

Tannu Jubbar Lake is a great place to go on vacation with your family. You and your family can have a great time at this beautiful lake, relaxing and doing fun things together. 

The place is surrounded by mountains, which makes it easy to catch the natural feel of Himachal on film. You can also take a tour of the lake by boat. 

Suppose you want to take your time and travel at your speed. Then this is one of the most fantastic places to visit in Narkanda.

3. Stokes Farm

There are many apple farms in Narkanda. These gardens are one of the most exciting things to do in Narkanda. You will take the chance to walk through them. 

Satyanand Stokes is said to have started growing apples in the area, which helped the whole region’s economy. Today, these fascinating farms are known for making guests happy and are named after him.

4. Mahamaya Temple

The Mahamaya Temple is one of Narkanda’s most famous places to visit. The temple is 7 kilometers from the city center and is easy to get to from Narkanda. 

It is dedicated to the goddess Kaali, and many people are there on Saturdays. But because it is popular in the area, people from near and far worship there all year. 

The temple has beautiful views of the area, and the calmness of the scene is worth seeing. People looking for peace often go there.

5. Hatu Mata Temple

The Hatu Mata Temple is another place of worship that many people go to in Narkanda. It is one of a kind because it is made of wood and has carvings in the style of China. 

People think that the place is where the Pandavas cooked their food while they were living in exile. People believe that the two hearthstones near the temple are Bhim Chullah. 

You can read interesting Mahabharata-based myths there. Bikers who want short trips that are still fun often go to this place.

6. Kacheri

Kacheri is one of the pleasantest places to see in Narkanda. 

It is about 0.5 kilometers from Oddi and about 7 kilometers from Narkanda. It is the best place for people who live in the city to cool off. 

Locals love to visit the old Mahamaya Temple in Kacheri. It’s always busy on special days like Navratri, Dussehra, Saturdays, and Fridays.

The temple is devoted to the goddess Kali, and peace-seekers frequent this tranquil area.


In conclusion, Narkanda is a hidden gem in the Himachal Pradesh region. It offers incredible views and experiences for travelers seeking adventure. 

This small town boasts various attractions, such as Hatu Peak, Tannu Jubbar Lake, and Stokes Farm. Narkanda offers something for everyone, whether you like nature, history, or simply getting away from the city.

So pack your bag and head to this beautiful town for a relaxing break from reality. Take advantage of exploring the beauty of Narkanda!

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