10 Best Resorts In Bhopal

In central India, there are resorts in Bhopal that offer luxury, tranquility, and adventure. These resorts let you experience the essence of Madhya Pradesh’s capital city, not just stay there.

You can wake up to the sound of rustling leaves, enjoy local food under the stars, and go on exciting outdoor adventures. Bhopal is a lovely city in Madhya Pradesh with beautiful mosques, Havelis, and forts.

Nearby are resorts and attractions like Van Vihar National Park with tigers and lions, the State Museum with fossils and Jain paintings, and Taj-ul-Masjid, one of Asia’s largest mosques. You can explore these places in comfortable accommodations in and around Bhopal.

Resorts In Bhopal

1. Jehan Numa Retreat

Resorts In Bhopal

The Jehan Numa Retreat is a peaceful place near Bhopal with beautiful nature views and open space. It’s a 12.5-acre resort near Van Vihar Urban National Park, a drive-through zoo. 

You can have a boutique experience in a natural setting at this fancy retreat. The rooms have private sit-out areas that open into the garden and come with modern furniture and amenities for a comfortable stay. 

You can swim in the pool outside or relax on the deck with plants around. The resort has three dining areas: Under The Jamun Tree for Indian Barbeques and Coriander Leaf for multi-cuisine dishes.

  • Address: Vanvihar Rd, Van Vihar National Park, Near, Prempura, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462002
  • Phone: 0755 660 6600
  • Price: INR 12,299 per Room
  • Website: Jehan Numa Retreat

2. Aami Valley Resort

Aami Valley Resort

The Aami resort is surrounded by beautiful mountains and green lawns, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. The resort has stylish rooms with modern amenities for a comfortable stay. 

Guests can enjoy activities like bonfires, jungle walks, and playing badminton. The resort also has a restaurant serving tasty food and a private barbecue area.

  • Address: Aami Valley Resort, Near Sukhi Sewaniya, Amoni Village, (M.P.)
  • Phone: 91 8223999444
  • Price: INR 4,660 per Room
  • Website: Aami Valley Resort

3. Shambhala Resort

Resorts In Bhopal

Experience peace and elegance at Shambala, an organic farm resort near Bhouri village in Bhopal. The resort has beautiful farmland with colorful flowers and palm trees, creating a luxurious escape from city life. 

There are 4 villa rooms decorated with classic elements and antiques. Guests can swim in the swimming pool surrounded by palm trees or walk through the garden. 

There is a shared living area with a lounge and dining table where guests can enjoy homemade meals indoors or outdoors in the garden.

  • Address: WMFW+6J7, Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Main Road Metgutad, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806
  • Phone: 084336 51111
  • Price: INR 5,949 per Room
  • Website: Shambhala Resort

4. Crescent Resort

 Crescent Resort

The Crescent Resort is located near Sehore Ganesh Mandir. It offers a peaceful stay surrounded by amusement and water parks. 

The resort has various entertainment options for a fun and memorable stay. Take a break from your trip to The City Of Lakes and stay at the Crescent Resort with friends and family. 

The resort has well-equipped rooms with modern amenities and elegant designs. The rooms offer a comfortable and luxurious stay with private balconies overlooking the pool. 

Enjoy the multiple swimming pools at the resort to relax. Explore the amusement and water park with slides and rides. 

  • Address: Indore-Bhopal Highway, New Bypass Road, Sehore 466001 Madhya Pradesh, Sehore, India,
  • Phone: 9685040007
  • Price: INR 2,464 per Room
  • Website: Crescent Resort

5. Madhuban Resort

Resorts In Bhopal

Madhuban Resort is located in a quiet area at the base of the Vidhyanchal range. It is surrounded by the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, providing an actual ecotourism experience. 

The resort has Swiss Cottages and Camping tents with great views. Guests can use the infinity pool, do rope adventure activities, watch birds, play sports, or relax at the spa.

The resort also has organic farms and orchards for guests to learn about organic farming. Guests can enjoy local food at the resort’s cafeteria.

  • Address: Sarkanpur, Road, Dongri, Madhya Pradesh 466446
  • Phone: 097705 58419
  • Price: INR 2,999 per Room
  • Website: Madhuban Resort

6. Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge Satpura is a modern and eco-friendly lodge that partners with the park management and local community to offer a unique jungle experience in a prime tiger habitat. The lodge strives to give an outstanding wilderness experience for those looking for a genuine wildlife encounter.

Guests can explore the jungle on foot, in canoes, jeeps, and motorized boats. They can also observe nocturnal creatures from the Machaan, a platform in the 44-acre wilderness surrounding the lodge.

  • Address:  Satpura National Park, No.14/1, Village Bija Kheri, Sohagpur, Dist Hoshangabad, Sohagpur, Madhya Pradesh 461771
  • Phone: 091524 54581
  • Price: INR 13,199 per Room
  • Website: Forsyth Lodge

7. Denwa Backwater Escape

Resorts In Bhopal

Denwa Backwater is located on a 10-acre forest area next to a stream in the National Park. Guests can reach the resort by boat and then by jeep. 

The resort has 8 cottages and 2 treehouses. Services include daily housekeeping, chapel, luggage storage, and free parking. 

Enjoy a peaceful stay in the cottages and treehouses. The accommodations have modern amenities and offer a comfortable stay in the Satpura forest. 

Taste delicious food at the on-site restaurant and take a swim in the pool. Relax by the pool with your family and friends.

  • Address:  Denwa Backwater Escape, Dist, Sarangpur, Khapa, Madhya Pradesh 461771
  • Phone:  011 4014 6400
  • Price: INR 12,000 per Room
  • Website: Denwa Backwater Escape

8. Aaram Baagh 

Aaram Baagh 

The resort sits on a beautiful site that honors Sanchi’s culture and traditions, showcasing Buddhist art and a lovely view. It provides excellent hospitality and unique holiday experiences for guests worldwide.

In Aaram Baagh Sanchi, royal families from the past enjoyed the natural beauty, lush gardens, and royal comforts. The Pachar group created Aaram Baagh in Sanchi with this historical backdrop. 

The view at Aaram Baagh Sanchi changes throughout the day, and the clear, starry night sky feels heavenly. The luxurious suites blend personal homes with luxury lodges.

  • Address:  FJCQ+8XR, Murli Khedi, Madhya Pradesh 464651
  • Phone: +91-6376 079 495
  • Price: INR 4,500 per Room
  • Website: Aaram Baagh 

9. Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

Resorts In Bhopal

This lodge is a beautifully designed wildlife-focused lodge near Satpura National Park. It’s perfect for nature lovers who enjoy green and blue surroundings. 

The lodge is known for its excellent service and quality. Your butler will assist you with dinner and guide you in the dark. 

The housekeepers, chefs, and servers are always available to help. The stay is cozy and comfortable, and the tents allow you to experience wildlife up close. 

Dining at Gol Ghar, with its central fireplace, is a unique and warm experience.

  • Address: Sohagpur, Raini Pani, Madhya Pradesh 461771
  • Phone: 0755 266 1100
  • Price: INR 18,000 per Room
  • Website: Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

10. Narmade River View Resort

Narmade River View Resort

The Narmada River is located at Narmade River View Resort in Hoshangabad. The resort offers a beautiful view of the river and has modern facilities. 

It has a terrace garden and a swimming pool with water from the Ganga, Yamuna, and Narmada rivers. The resort also has unique accommodations like Water Beds, Pyramid Beds, Sky Dom Room, and Tree House. 

Activities available include Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Panch-Karma, Beauty & Hair Studio, and facilities for weddings, photo shoots, and outdoor filming. There is also a Health Club, Gym, and Swimming Pool for guests to enjoy.

  • Address: Kori Ghat, Jagdish Pura, Narmadapuram, Madhya Pradesh 461001
  • Phone: 089822 34777
  • Price: INR 2,500 per Room
  • Website: Narmade River View Resort

How To Reach Bhopal?

To get to Bhopal depends on where you are coming from and how you want to travel.

By Air:

You can fly to Bhopal using Raja Bhoj International Airport (BHO). The airport connects big cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore.

By Train:

Take the train to Bhopal Junction (BPL), a big railway station in Bhopal with connections to many cities in India. Trains to Bhopal are available from most major cities in India.

By Road:

You can reach Bhopal by road easily as it is connected to other cities in India through national and state highways. You can drive or take a bus from nearby cities and towns to Bhopal.

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Things To Do In Bhopal

  • Bhojpur is an old temple complex near Bhopal that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has many temples, including the Bhojeshwar Temple, one of India’s most significant Shiva temples. 
  • The Sanchi Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Spot and one of India’s oldest and well-preserved Buddhist monuments. It has carvings showing Buddha’s life from the 3rd century BCE. 
  • The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, another UNESCO site, have over 600 caves with ancient paintings from the Mesolithic period, giving a peek into early life in the area. 
  • Taj-ul-Masjid is a large mosque in India with a stunning white marble front and tall minarets. 
  • The Van Vihar National Park is home to various animals like tigers, leopards, deer, and sloth bears. Visitors can enjoy jeep safaris and boat rides. 
  • Upper Lake is a big artificial lake where people like boating, picnics, and enjoy the pretty views. 
  • At Bhoj Wetland, you can take a boat ride and see many birds. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Bhopal. 
  • Bharat Bhavan is a cultural complex with a museum, art gallery, library, and theater. You can see tribal art, contemporary art, and historical artifacts from Madhya Pradesh. 
  • The Tribal Museum shows the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh, including their way of life and traditional arts and crafts. 
  • The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, also known as the National Museum of Mankind, has artifacts and exhibits that highlight the different cultures of people worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Bhopal has many resorts for different tastes and budgets, making it great for both leisure and business travelers. You can find luxury resorts in peaceful settings or affordable ones with modern amenities. 

The staff at these resorts are friendly and offer excellent service. Whether you want to relax, have an adventure, or experience the local culture, Bhopal’s resorts are a good choice. 

Consider visiting Bhopal for your next trip and enjoy a wonderful stay at one of its lovely resorts.

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