7 Top Resorts In Palakkad

Whether you want a peaceful break in nature or an exciting adventure, the resorts in Palakkad have something for everyone. Picture waking up to birds singing and enjoying your morning coffee with a view of plantations. 

You can also relax with an Ayurvedic spa treatment by a river. These resorts offer excellent service, delicious food, and stunning views, making your stay unforgettable. 

Palakkad is a city in Kerala that is a gateway for other states to enter Kerala. The town has historical significance, with landmarks such as the 18th-century Palakkad Fort and the Vishwanathan Swamy temple dating back to the 15th century. 

Palakkad offers everything needed for a vacation, and tourists visiting Kerala should consider staying there. There are many resorts in Palakkad for a comfortable stay.

Top Resorts In Palakkad

Explore the top resorts in Palghat or Palakkad and pick where you want to stay in God’s Own Country. Each resort is excellent in its way.

1. Tree Top Resort

Resorts In Palakkad

Green forests surround this resort, and it is close to a national park with rare plants and animals. It is 77km from Coimbatore International Airport. 

The resort offers various accommodations like cottages and treehouses. All rooms have flat-screen TVs; some have terraces or balconies with garden views. 

The resort also has amenities like a kids’ play area and swimming pool, making it popular among tourists. With these amenities, it is considered one of the best resorts in Palakkad.

  • Address: Silent Valley – Mukkali Rd, Chindaki, Mannarkkad, Kerala 678762
  • Phone: 9745705222
  • Room Price: INR 9,500 approx. per person
  • Website: Tree Top Resort

2. Vythiri Resort

Vythiri Resort

This resort is well-known in the town for its excellent location in Lakkidi. It is ideal for tourists and people on official business who want to be close to nature. 

The resort offers many amenities to make guests feel pampered. It’s a popular vacation spot to have fun with friends and family.

  • Address: Vythiri Resort, Lakkidi P.O, Wayanad 673 576, Kerala, India.
  • Phone: 91 98958 89933
  • Room Price:  INR 2,500 approx. per person
  • Website: Vythiri Resort

3. Misty Valley Hill Resorts

Resorts In Palakkad

Misty Valley Hill Resorts is a farmhouse built by the British in the wooded area of Nelliyampathy Hills. It is in the Western Ghats, a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its diverse plant and animal life.

The resort is a 14 km off-road drive with a unique mix of plants and animals. It is a naturally rich resort in Palakkad where you can have a relaxing experience. 

The rooms have all the basic and modern amenities for your comfort.

  • Address: Anamada estate, Misty Valley Resort Rd, Muthalamada North, Nelliampathi, Kerala 678508
  • Phone: 91 9188995764
  • Room Price: INR 3,200 approx. per person
  • Website: Misty Valley Hill Resorts

4. Udaya Ayurveda Resorts

 Udaya Ayurveda Resorts

This resort has an Ayurveda hospital on-site, offering treatments and massages to rejuvenate you. The accommodation includes a flat-screen cable TV, Wi-Fi, laundry, and room service. 

It is one of the top Ayurvedic resorts in Palakkad, with a garden view from your room. A stay here will leave you feeling refreshed and youthful.

  • Address: Nila Nagar, West Yakkara, Palakkad, Kannadi-II, Kerala 678701
  • Phone:097450 00382
  • Room Price: INR 1,300 approx. per room
  • Website: Udaya Ayurveda Resorts

5. Coffee Valley Resorts

Resorts In Palakkad

This resort in Palghat is one of the best. It has a unique and fresh attitude for guests. 

The resort is surrounded by blooming nature and green forests, making it popular with tourists. Coffee Valley Resort is located in a coffee garden and misty terrain, giving a refreshing feel. 

The cozy atmosphere is great for family vacations or group travel. It is one of the top luxury resorts in Palakkad, offering many facilities.

  • Address: Nelliyampathy – Seetharkundu Rd, Sitargundu Estate, Kollengode South, Kerala 678508
  • Phone:9746073849
  • Room Price: INR 4,600 approx. per person
  • Website: Coffee Valley Resorts

6. Essaar Resorts

 Essaar Resorts

This eco-friendly resort is close to nature and offers luxurious facilities for tourists. It is located in a lush green forest with beautiful coconut groves. 

You can enjoy sightseeing nearby for a great experience. The hospitality at this resort is excellent, making it stand out as one of the top resorts in Palghat.

  • Address: Vallanghy Byp, Nenmara, Vallanghi, Kerala 678508
  • Phone:91-94474-53124
  • Room Price: INR 3,600 approx. per person
  • Website: Essaar Resorts

7. Nelliyampathy Hill Valley Farm House

Resorts In Palakkad

The beautiful hills of Nelliyampathy are in the Sahyadri mountain range, stretching along India’s west coast for 1500 km. The Sahyadri is known as the Western Ghats and is one of the 28 hotspots in the world for its diverse wildlife. 

During peak season, affordable deals are available at this budget resort in Palghat.

How To Reach Palakkad?

You can get to Palakkad in three ways: by air, train, or car.

By Air

To get to Palakkad, you can fly to Coimbatore International Airport (CMB), around 70 kilometers away. You can book a taxi or bus from the airport to Palakkad.

By Train

Palakkad Junction is an important railway station from Palakkad to Mangalore on the Southern Railway route. Trains from major cities across India go through Palakkad.

By Car

You can reach Palakkad easily by car as it is connected to Kerala and Tamil Nadu through National Highway 47 (NH 47) and National Highway 544 (NH 544).

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Things To Do In Palakkad

  • Immerse yourself in nature in Palakkad, known as the Gateway of Kerala, for its lush greenery, rolling hills, and scenic waterfalls.
  •  Visit the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for diverse flora and fauna. Enjoy trekking, hiking, or birdwatching in the Nelliyampathy Hills.
  • Explore historical sites like the Tipu Sultan Fort, built in the 18th century. Other sites include the Jain Temple, Palakkad Fort, and Malampuzha Dam.
  • Experience the local culture by visiting the Palakkad Arts and Crafts Village to see traditional Kerala handicrafts being made. Try local cuisine like Palakkadan Matta Rice and Kappa (mashed tapioca).
  • Take a scenic drive: Palakkad is an excellent place for a scenic drive. You can drive through the Palakkad Gap, a mountain pass that connects the Malabar Coast with the Tamil Nadu plains. You can also drive to nearby towns like Valparai and Munnar.
  • Relax and recharge: Palakkad is the perfect place to relax and recharge. Spend time at the Malampuzha Gardens, a beautiful park with a boating lake and a children’s park. Visit one of the Ayurvedic resorts in Palakkad for a traditional Kerala spa treatment.

Final Thoughts

Palakkad’s resorts blend luxury and nature, making them perfect for a peaceful getaway. With beautiful views and serene backwaters, there’s something for every traveler. 

The warm hospitality, local cuisine, and activities ensure a memorable experience. Palakkad’s resorts have everything you need whether you want relaxation or adventure. 

Plan your next vacation to Palakkad for a beautiful and peaceful experience.

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