10 Top Resorts In Gujarat

Welcome to a fascinating journey from your home to the stunning sights of Gujarat! Prepare to be amazed by our top 10 resorts in Gujarat, a state famous for its culture and beauty. 

Gujarat is a lovely state in West India. It is known for its colorful traditions and diverse landscapes. 

It features the sunny Thar Desert and the lush Gir National Park. The state is also famous for its traditional Garba dance and detailed Kutchi embroidery. 

Gujarat is filled with ancient tales and joyful celebrations. This article introduces you to a place where luxury meets tradition, and comfort blends with outstanding Indian hospitality. 

These top-notch Gujarat resorts offer a perfect balance of tranquility and fun.

Top Resorts In Gujarat

1. Madhuban Resort & Spa, Anand

Resorts In Gujarat

The Madhuban Resort & Spa has a stylish look that attracts local tourists, wedding planners, and corporate teams. They often book stays for a few days or a weekend. 

The resort offers luxurious cottages and rooms with stunning interiors and large lawns. It also has a spa that offers natural treatments. 

One of the highlights of staying here is the delicious breakfast buffet.

Madhuban Resort & Spa Room Price

  • Standard rooms: ₹9,600 per night
  • Deluxe rooms: ₹12,000 per night
  • Suites: ₹20,000 per night

2.Boulevard 9, Nadiad

Boulevard 9, Nadiad

Boulevard 9 offers a pleasant atmosphere with friendly room service for a comfortable stay. It features a wellness center, a children’s playground, a cafe open 24/7, and a foreign exchange service.

The place is luxurious, boasting beautiful lawns and pools. All services provided are of high quality.

Boulevard 9 Room Price

  • Standard rooms: Starting from ₹3,499 per night.
  • Deluxe rooms: Between ₹4,500 and ₹5,500 per night.
  • Suites: Starting from ₹7,000 per night.
  • Pool Villas: Around ₹12,000 per night.

3. The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Gir

Resorts In Gujarat

The Fern Gir Forest Resort is near the beautiful Hiran River, surrounded by greenery. It offers rooms and suites and features fun areas like a spa, pool, and theater. 

The resort stands out for its unique tents designed like Royal Enfield motorcycles. The place also features a restaurant with various cuisines. 

Here, guests can dine while enjoying views of the Hiran River.

The Fern Gir Forest Resort Room Price

  • Winter Green Cottages: Starting from ₹10,281 per night 
  • Fern Club Villas: Starting from ₹14,281 per night 
  • Luxury Tents: Around ₹7,281 per night 

4. Vanvaso Resort, Gir National Park

 Vanvaso Resort, Gir National Park

Vanvaso Resort is an excellent getaway in the wild Gir National Park. It offers guest cottages, Wi-Fi, a gym, and a swimming pool. 

The resort also hosts nightly bonfires with tribal dances. It even has a dance room with a DJ for parties. 

The resort provides a luxurious and peaceful stay with a refreshing atmosphere.

Vanvaso Resort Room Price

  • Standard Rooms: Starting from ₹3,600 per night. 
  • Deluxe Rooms: Starting from ₹4,232 per night. 
  • Club Riverside Rooms: Starting from ₹7,375 per night. 
  • Family Suites: Starting from ₹10,625 per night. 

5. Holiday Village Resort, Gandhidham

Resorts In Gujarat

Holiday Village Resort is a fantastic getaway with basic facilities and fun activities. It features a water park, kid-friendly games, a swimming pool, and beautiful gardens.

Its village theme adds a natural, authentic touch.

Holiday Village Resort Room Price

  • Standard Rooms:  ₹4,100 per night 
  • Deluxe Rooms:  ₹5,700 per night.
  • Suites: ₹7,000 per night.

6. Regency Lagoon Resort, Rajkot

Regency Lagoon Resort, Rajkot

The Regency Lagoon Resort is a beautiful place with large villas. It has a royal feel and offers helpful staff, room service, and round-the-clock restaurants.

The resort also hosts various activities in the garden for fun.

Regency Lagoon Resort Room Price

  • Deluxe rooms: ₹7,650 per night.
  • Suites: ₹11,000 and ₹15,000 per night.
  • Cottages: ₹9,000 per night.
  • Villas: ₹13,000 per night.

7. Gulmohar Greens Golf Club Ltd., Ahmedabad

Resorts In Gujarat

The Gulmohar Greens Golf Club is a beautiful resort that golf enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy. It’s a popular retreat in Ahmedabad, known for its luxurious rooms and regular events for guests.

Gulmohar Greens Golf Club Ltd. Room Price

  • Deluxe Rooms: Start from ₹4,000
  • Buddha Deluxe Rooms: Start from ₹4,400
  • Super Deluxe Rooms: Start from ₹4,400
  • Suite Rooms: Start from ₹6,250
  • Suite Rooms: Start from ₹6,250
  • Extra Bed: ₹1,700

8. Royal Safari Camp, Bajani

Royal Safari Camp, Bajani

The Royal Safari Camp has a traditional Gujarati style. The cottages are built using beautiful local architecture. 

The camp also offers a taste of Gujarati culture through local dances at night and jeep safaris to see the wildlife. All these elements combine to give visitors a wonderful experience.

Royal Safari Camp Room Price

  • Cottage Room:  ₹6,725 per night.
  • Luxury Cottage: ₹19,000 per night. 
  • Desert Tents: ₹5,300 per night

9.Rann Riders Safari Resort, Dasada

Resorts In Gujarat

Rann Riders Safari Resort is a destination that captures India’s essence, specifically in Dasada Village. Despite its traditional setting, the resort offers modern amenities. 

Surrounded by nature, it’s an ideal place to experience Gujarati culture, including its food and hospitality.

Rann Riders Safari Resort Room Price

  • Standard Cottages: Starting from ₹11,428 per night. 
  • Deluxe Cottages: Starting around ₹17,380 per night. 
  • Luxury Tents: Starting from ₹19,250 per night.

10. Shanku’s Water World Resort, Mehsana

Shanku's Water World Resort, Mehsana

Shanku’s Water World Resort in Gujarat is an excellent spot for water fun. There’s a water park close by. 

The rooms are clean and decorated with Mughal designs. After a busy day, you can relax and have fun with water sports.

Shanku’s Water World Resort Room Price

  • Hotel Rooms: Starting around ₹3,900 per night.
  • Cottages: Around ₹4,300 per night.
  • Suites: Starting from ₹5,800 per night.

Final Thoughts

Gujarat has many resorts to suit all tastes. Suppose you want to relax, have an adventure, or experience culture. You can find it in one of the top 10 resorts. 

Each resort has charm, top-notch facilities, and excellent service, making your stay memorable. It’s a great time to see what this lively area offers. 

Don’t wait; book your stay and experience the best of Gujarat’s resorts.

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