10 Best Resorts In Orchha

Wake up to the sounds of birds and a nearby river, with views of historic sites. This isn’t a dream, but you can experience the top resorts in Orchha, India.

Orchha is more than a vacation spot. It’s a trip into India’s history, filled with royal splendor and peaceful nature. 

In this article, we’ll share our top ten Orchha resorts that will make your stay unforgettable. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy luxury as we guide you through this virtual tour.

Best Resorts In Orchha

1. Orchha Resort

Resorts In Orchha

The Orchha Resort, named after the town, is a top choice in Orchha. It offers personalized services for a comfortable stay. 

The resort is modern, luxurious, and perfect for all travelers, including families. It offers stunning sunset views over the River Betwa and is close to the famous Orchha Fort complex.

It also serves as a great business center with audio-visual facilities.

Orchha Resort Room Price

  • INR 3650 to INR 5250

2.Bundelkhand Riverside

Bundelkhand Riverside

The Bundelkhand Riverside is the most prestigious resort in Orchha. It was once a hunting lodge and guest house for the Bundela dynasty. 

It’s a favorite choice for tourists seeking a touch of history. The hotel is comfortable and luxurious, with rooms overlooking the Betwa River for a peaceful stay.

Bundelkhand Riverside Room Price

  • INR 3000 (Riverside Cottages) to INR 5500 (Riverside Rooms)

3. Orchha Palace and Convention Centre

Resorts In Orchha

Suppose you’re looking for a luxurious resort in Orchha. The Orchha Palace and Convention Centre is the place to be. 

This massive property covers 12 acres and has top-notch interiors for business travelers and tourists. It’s perfect for business meetings, with a convention center with over 2000 people and all the latest conferencing facilities. 

The rooms are nicely decorated for a cozy and lavish stay. The suites are stylish and have a pool, a fully equipped kitchen, and a unique atmosphere.

Orchha Palace and Convention Centre Room Price

  •  INR 2500 (Deluxe Room) to INR 7500 (Suite)

4. Amar Mahal

 Amar Mahal

Amar Mahal offers a stunning view of the hills and wildlife sanctuary. It’s located away from the city noise, letting guests relax in nature. 

The building faces the Betwa River, giving guests beautiful sunrise and sunset views. It also has a large lawn and terrace where guests can enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 

This architectural gem offers top-notch luxury.

Amar Mahal Room Price

  • INR 5000 (Single Deluxe Room) to INR 9900 (Suite Room)

5. Sheesh Mahal

Resorts In Orchha

The Sheesh Mahal used to be the house of Raja Udait Singh, a king from Orchha. It’s a popular place for tourists interested in the Bundela era’s history. 

The inside of the building is a mix of old and new, with modern facilities for today’s visitors. The resort still has its historical beauty and promises to impress guests with its magnificence.

Sheesh Mahal Room Price

  • INR 10,050 to INR 13,000

 6. Hardik Resort

Hardik Resort

Hardik Resort is a cost-effective choice for tourists visiting the historic city of Orchha. The place is notably clean, and the staff is friendly, ensuring a comfortable stay. 

Among Orchha’s resorts, Hardik Resort stands out for its luxury and style at a reasonable price. It also has a garden that’s perfect for family gatherings.

Hardik Resort Room Price

  •  INR 2417 (Executive Room) to INR 4130 (Suite)

7. V Resorts Rajmahal

Resorts In Orchha

V Resorts Rajmahal is close to the Ram Raja Temple and River Betwa. It offers a fantastic view of the Orchha fort complex. 

It’s a popular choice for travelers seeking accommodation in Orchha.

The resort caters to all types of guests, whether they’re active or prefer to relax. 

It’s a peaceful place, 4 km from the Orchha Fort complex. This distance lets guests enjoy a quiet stay, away from crowds but close to the complex.

V Resorts Rajmahal Room Price

  • INR 4560 (Deluxe Room) to INR 9160 (Super Deluxe Room with V Experience)

8. Temple view Guest house Orchha

 Temple view Guest house Orchha

The Temple View Guest House is an excellent option for budget travelers visiting the Orchha Fort complex. Located behind the Ram Raja Temple, it offers comfortable and affordable accommodation. 

This family-owned hotel is ideal for vacations or those seeking a cozy, home-like environment. Budget travelers looking for low-cost resorts with essential amenities will find the Temple View Guest House suitable. 

The owners personally take care of each guest.

Temple view Guest house Orchha Room Price

  • INR 350

9. Hotel Sheela Shree Plaza

Resorts In Orchha

Hotel Sheela Shree Plaza is a top-notch resort in Orchha that caters to its guests’ specific needs. The hotel rooms are modern, stylish, and luxurious, ensuring a comfortable stay. 

The hotel’s atmosphere delights guests with its warm hospitality and excellent service. It also has a conference room for business travelers.

Hotel Sheela Shree Plaza Room Price

  • INR 2199

10. Hotel Heritage

Hotel Heritage

Hotel Heritage is an affordable hotel located in the heart of Orchha. It’s a favorite among tourists due to its excellent service. 

The hotel provides all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay without being expensive. If you plan to visit Orchha, Hotel Heritage is an excellent choice as it’s in the middle of the town.

Hotel Heritage Room Price

  • INR 430 per day


When is the best time to visit Orchha? 

You should visit Orchha between October and March when the weather is nice. 

Are the resorts in Orchha suitable for families? 

Yes, all the resorts in Orchha have facilities and activities for families. 

Can I reserve activities ahead of time? 

Many resorts let you book activities early for a smooth experience. 

Is there Wi-Fi at these resorts? 

Yes, you can access Wi-Fi at the resorts to stay online. 

Is there vegetarian food available? 

Yes, Orchha has many vegetarian food options.

Final Thoughts

Orchha has many excellent resorts with beautiful views, comfortable rooms, and excellent services. These resorts combine old-world charm with modern comforts, reflecting the town’s historic nature. 

Suppose you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a thrilling exploration of Indian culture. Orchha is the place to be. 

By staying at the best resorts in Orchha, you can enjoy comfort, relaxation, and a rich taste of Indian history.

So, start planning your trip to Orchha today and enjoy the luxury and hospitality of its resorts.

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