10 Top Resorts in Kannur

The resorts in Kannur are for all kinds of travelers, from beachfront spots to jungle getaways. You can wake up to the sound of waves or enjoy the smell of tropical flowers while having coffee on your balcony. 

Kannur, a pretty coastal town, has stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere for a calm vacation. Surrounded by the Eastern Ghats and the Blue Sea, it attracts many tourists with its clean beaches and lush palm plantations. 

Staying at one of the top resorts in Kannur adds value to the holiday. The resorts offer relaxation by the pool or exploring the beautiful surroundings. 

Kannur’s resorts will give you a luxurious break that refreshes and motivates you.

Resorts in Kannur

1.Kanbay Beach Resort

Resorts in Kannur

The Kanbay Beach Resort is a luxurious resort near Kannur. It is perfect for those who enjoy adventure and relaxation. 

It is located in a calm environment, just a three-minute walk from Thottada Beach. The resort offers rooms with or without balconies equipped with modern amenities for guest comfort. 

The executive rooms are 400 square feet and include a coffee area. They face the adventure park of the resort.

The rooms have a similar design, except for the absence of balconies. In addition to comfortable accommodation, the resort also features multiple restaurants and bars serving delicious food and drinks.

  • Address: Thottada Beach Rd, Kannur, Kerala 670007
  • Phone: 095262 00600
  • Room Price: Starting from INR 2499
  • Website: Kanbay Beach Resort

2.Kannur Beach n’ Bay Resort

Kannur Beach n’ Bay Resort

This resort in Kannur is top-rated and has a luxurious vibe. You can choose from different packages like garden café, dining in the mango orchard, and rooftop barbecue. 

The resort has many amenities to help you relax, such as a pool, sports facilities, a cinema, a spa, and yoga. You can use free Wi-Fi to stay connected during your vacation.

Visit this resort for a fantastic experience.

  • Address: RCJ6+7JC, Kizhunna – Kadappuram Rd, Kerala 670007
  • Phone: 094005 34988
  • Room Price:  Starts from INR 3000
  • Website: Kannur Beach n’ Bay Resort

3. White Shell Beach Resort & Spa

Resorts in Kannur

White Shell Beach Resort and Spa is excellent for people living near urban areas like Bangalore, Kerala, and Chennai. It is located near Thottada Beach and offers a variety of fun activities. 

Whether you want a relaxing or exciting experience, this resort has something for everyone. It is known as the best seafront property in Kannur.

  • Address: Post Office Road, Thottada, Kizhunna – Kadappuram Rd, Kerala 670007
  • Phone:075111 82121
  • Room Price: Starting from INR 2400
  • Website: White Shell Beach Resort & Spa

4.Asokam Beach Resort

Asokam Beach Resort

This resort is near Payyambalam Beach on the Arabian Seafront. The beautiful surroundings will relax your mind. 

If you want to escape the corporate world, this is the best place. Rooms offer ocean or garden views, some with balconies. 

Upgraded rooms have air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs. Suites have living areas and coffee makers. 

Breakfast is free. Other amenities include a casual restaurant, garden seating, and a children’s play area. There is also a spa offering Ayurvedic treatments.

  • Address: Payyambalam Beach Road, Chalad, Palliyamoola, Kerala 670008
  • Phone:094460 70373
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 1799
  • Website: Asokam Beach Resort

5.Meenkunnu Beach Resort

Resorts in Kannur

Meenkunnu Beach Resort in Kannur offers stunning views, friendly service, and delicious food. It is known for its top-notch services and Ayurvedic treatments. 

The resort has non-smoking rooms with beach views and restaurants serving local cuisine. Guests can relax with a pool, sports facilities, cinema, spa, and yoga.

  • Address: W859+6XM, Azhikode, Azhikode South, Kerala 670009
  • Phone:094460 70373
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2500

6.Chera Beach Resort

Chera Beach Resort

Cherai Beach Resort is a top boutique resort in Kannur with stylish decorations. The resort has traditional interiors with a modern twist.

It is near Baby Lake, offering a beautiful lake view. Guests can enjoy an authentic Malabar feast.

The resort, known for its ancient tradition, is family-run, providing a homely atmosphere. They offer unique services to make guests feel at home.

  • Address: Bus Stop, Thottada Beach, Junction, Kizhunna – Kadappuram Rd, Para, Thottada, Kerala 670007
  • Phone: 094476 43211
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 4500
  • Website: Chera Beach Resort

7. Pranav Resort

Resorts in Kannur

This place near the beach is unforgettable. It has green lawns and meadows covering 75,000 sq. ft. 

There is a sports complex and a swimming pool to relax. You can have a great time at this resort, which has unique water park facilities. 

The Mughal cottages are a unique feature of this exotic resort.

  • Address: Beach Rd, Chalad, Palliyanmoola, Kerala 670008
  • Phone: 093874 78285
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2700
  • Website: Pranav Resort

8.Malabar Beach Resort

Malabar Beach Resort

The beach city has luxurious resorts, and Malabar Beach Resort is one of them. It is a royal resort with 9 acres of gardens and waterfalls. 

The resort has meeting halls, conference halls, and dining facilities. It has gold leaf domes and arches that give it a royal look. 

The resort is a popular choice for destination weddings.

  • Address: RCP4+7PJ, Thottada Beach Rd, Kerala 670007
  • Phone:  099956 02020
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 3200
  • Website: Malabar Beach Resort

9.Marmara Beach House

Resorts in Kannur

Marmara Beach House is in Thottada village. It offers a cozy atmosphere and top-notch amenities. 

The resort uses locally made products for an Indian touch. It’s the first organic lodging in Kannur. Escape the city and relax here. 

There are various ways to travel from Bangalore to Kannur. Pick the best option and discover Kannur’s beauty at this beautiful resort.

  • Address: Payyambalam Beach Road, Chalad, Kannur, Kerala 670001
  • Phone: 081378 78800
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2000
  • Website: Marmara Beach House

10. Thai Resort

Thai Resort

Thai Resort Kannur is a luxurious place to stay in Kannur. It has a peaceful atmosphere and excellent service for all guests. 

The resort has a stylish design with glass and wooden panels. You can see beautiful views of the Arabian Sea from the resort.

It has different sections like imperial, luxury, economy, and many facilities.

  • Address: See Muthappan Madappura, Parassinikadavu, Kerala 670563
  • Phone: 0497 278 4242
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 1900
  • Website: Thai Resort

How To Reach Kannur?

Kannur is a pretty coastal city in Kerala, India. Here are the different ways you can reach Kannur:

By Air: 

You can fly to Kannur International Airport (CAJ) from big cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

By Train: 

Kannur has two train stations: Kannur Main (CAN) and Kannur South (KNS). Trains go to different parts of India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

By Road: 

Kannur has good road connections to other cities in Kerala and nearby states. National Highways NH 66 and NH 17 go through Kannur, making it easy to reach by bus or taxi from nearby places.

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Things To Do In Kannur

  • Payyambalam Beach is known for its golden sands and calm waters, perfect for swimming, and leisurely walks. Enjoy beautiful sunset views and explore the nearby backwaters for a complete beach experience.
  • Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is Asia’s first drive-in beach, where you can drive your car along the 4 km stretch of beach, enjoying the cool sea breeze and scenic views.
  • Fort St. Angelo is a 17th-century Portuguese fort with stunning views of the Arabian Sea. You can explore its ramparts, bastions, and lighthouse and learn about the region’s maritime history.
  • At the Arakkal Museum, you can learn about the Arakkal family, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala. Explore their artifacts, including weapons, jewelry, and everyday objects, to understand their unique culture and traditions.
  • The Theyyam: Experience the unique Theyyam ritual art from Kerala. Watch performers in colorful costumes and face paint depicting mythological figures. Listen to the music and enjoy the beats.
  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary: Explore the diverse flora and fauna at Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats. Trek through the forests, see elephants, deer, and birds, and enjoy the peaceful nature.
  • Ezhimala: Climb the Ezhimala hills, which are believed to be from a volcanic eruption. See the beautiful views, visit the Ezhimala Jain Temple and caves, and learn about the area’s history.

Final Thoughts

Kannur resorts offer a mix of nature, luxury, and culture for travelers seeking a unique holiday. The resorts have beautiful beaches and green surroundings, providing a peaceful break from city life. 

Guests can relax and recharge with top-notch amenities and personalized service. Whether you want a romantic, family, or solo trip, Kannur has something for everyone. 

Visit Kannur for a beautiful coastal getaway.

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