12 Best Resorts In Madhya Pradesh

Welcome, travelers! Today, we explore Madhya Pradesh, a state known for its history, culture, and landscapes. In this blog, we will discover the best resorts in Madhya Pradesh for a luxurious and relaxing escape. 

Madhya Pradesh has it all, whether you seek wildlife, heritage, or tranquility. Discover hidden gems and top resorts for a memorable stay with us.

The state has forests with lots of animals and historic sites. It’s a mix of nature and culture that attracts travelers. 

Picture waking up to birds singing near lakes and hills for a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Best Resorts In Madhya Pradesh

1. Baghira Jungle Resort, Mocha

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department runs a resort by the Banjar River near Mocha Village. The resort has 7 standard rooms and 7 deluxe rooms, making it suitable for all travelers. 

It is an excellent choice for wildlife enthusiasts due to its riverside location, peaceful atmosphere, and modern amenities. Baghira Jungle Resort is one of the top resorts in Madhya Pradesh. 

Amenities include a restaurant, proximity to Kanha, doctor on call, and housekeeping. Activities include jungle safari, nature walks, and birdwatching.

  • Address: Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd, Mocha, Manegaon F.V., Madhya Pradesh 481111
  • Phone: 070498 38369
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2000
  • Website: Baghira Jungle Resort

2.Halali Retreat, Halali

Halali Retreat is a top hotel in Madhya Pradesh with great amenities at affordable prices. There is a peaceful atmosphere near Halali Dam. 

The hotel has different types of rooms and helpful staff. Amenities include a restaurant, dam view, sightseeing, and housekeeping. 

Activities include boat riding and nature walks.

  • Address: FHX2+PVM, Sangrampur, Madhya Pradesh 464651
  • Phone: 077470 07751
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 3000
  • Website: Halali Retreat

3. Bison Resort, Madhai

Stay at Bison Resort for a few days to explore wildlife and relax. The resort is near Satpura Forest and offers affordable and well-maintained accommodation. 

You will stay comfortably with excellent services and facilities from the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department. Amenities include a restaurant, power backup, lawn, and housekeeping. 

Enjoy camping, jungle safari, and nature photography during your stay.

  • Address: FHX2+PVM, Sangrampur, Madhya Pradesh 464651
  • Phone: 91 7022155961
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 3000
  • Website: Bison Resort

4.Kanha Safari Lodge, Kanha

Kanha Safari Lodge is a popular place to stay in Madhya Pradesh. It offers guests a chance to experience the natural and cultural heritage of the region. 

The lodge is known for its jungle setting and proximity to Mukki Gate of Kanha National Park. The lodge sits on 11 acres of forested land, providing comfortable air-conditioned rooms. 

Amenities include a restaurant, proximity to the park, a lawn, and laundry service. Activities at the lodge include jungle safari, nature walks, nature photography, and camping.

  • Address: Village Baihar, Lagma, Madhya Pradesh 481111
  • Phone: 093299 08054
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 4300
  • Website: Kanha Safari Lodge

5. Glen View, Pachmarhi

Come to Glen View Hotel in Pachmarhi for beautiful hill views and a calm environment. Choose from Swiss tents, air-conditioned rooms, or deluxe air-conditioned rooms. 

The hotel has amenities like a restaurant, lawn, exhibit space, and housekeeping. You can enjoy activities like sightseeing and visiting waterfalls. 

The hotel is close to popular tourist spots.

  • Address: Village Baihar, Lagma, Madhya Pradesh 481111
  • Phone: 093299 08054
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 4300
  • Website: Glen View

6.Hotel Payal, Khajuraho

After a long day visiting temples, Hotel Payal is the perfect relaxing place. The hotel in Khajuraho has a simple and elegant design with all the amenities needed for a great stay.

With a lawn, swimming pool, dining hall, and conference hall, Hotel Payal has everything you need. It is conveniently located near all the main tourist attractions in Khajuraho, making it one of the top hotels in Madhya Pradesh Tourism. 

  • Address: Bypass, Rajnagar Rd, near Western Group Of Temples, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh 471606
  • Phone: 076862 97364
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2000
  • Website: Hotel Payal

7. Motel Marble Rocks, Bhedaghat

Enjoy the beauty of Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls at Bhedaghat while staying at Motel Marble Rocks. The motel offers cozy rooms, delicious food, and great hospitality. 

It is a top choice for accommodation in the area. Amenities include a restaurant, pool, lawn, and housekeeping. 

Activities include boating, cable car rides, and sightseeing.

  • Address: near 64 Yogini Temple, Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh 483053
  • Phone: 1800 233 7777
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 3600
  • Website: Motel Marble Rocks

8. Shivpuri Tourist, Shivpuri

This resort is a great place to relax and escape from daily life. Shivpuri Tourist Village offers a laid-back atmosphere and good value for money. 

It has 19 accommodations, including 17 standard air-conditioned rooms and 2 suites. The resort has a swimming pool and a multi-cuisine restaurant. 

Amenities include a restaurant, bar, lawn, and swimming pool. Activities include indoor games and sightseeing.

  • Address: Chhatri Road, near Bhadaiya Kund, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh 473551
  • Phone: 07492 223 760
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2300
  • Website: Shivpuri Tourist

9.Kerwa Resort, Kerwa

Kerwa Dam is a popular place near Bhopal for a weekend trip. The best way to enjoy it entirely is to stay at Kerwa Resort. 

The resort is well-kept by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department. You can have a great time here with fun activities like ziplining. 

Staying in a lovely room at Kerwa Resort with a view of the dam can help you relax. The resort has a restaurant, lake view, and housekeeping services. 

You can also do activities like flying foxes and boating.

  • Address: Mendori, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462007
  • Phone: 0755 269 6736
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 1940
  • Website: Kerwa Resort

10.Hanuwantiya Resort

Hanuwantiya Island is a popular spot for water sports in the state. Staying at Hanuwantiya Resort can enhance your experience. 

The resort offers comfortable rooms and houseboats with modern amenities. You can see the forest and Indira Sagar Lake from here.

The resort has a restaurant, lake view, lawn, and housekeeping services. Activities include boating, cruising, and jet skiing.

  • Address: Tourist Complex Hanuwantiya, Near Purni Village, khandwa Hanuwantiya, Mundi, Madhya Pradesh 450112
  • Phone: 1800 833 3034
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 3500
  • Website:Hanuwantiya Resort

11. Sailani Island Resort, Khandwa

Escape to Sailani Island Resort near Indore for a relaxing holiday. This top guest house in Madhya Pradesh offers a mix of nature and luxury with green surroundings and great amenities. 

Located on Sailani Island by Indira Sagar Lake, the resort has cozy cottages and a delicious restaurant. You can relax in nature or try out some activities. 

Amenities include a restaurant, lake view, lawn, and housekeeping.

  • Address: Sailani Island Resort Sidhwarkut Jain mandir, Jayanti Mata Rd, MPSTDC, Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh 451115
  • Phone: 078801 08547
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 4990
  • Website: Sailani Island Resort

12.Udayagiri Resort, Vidisha

Enjoy a fun weekend near Bhopal at Udayagiri Resort in Vidisha. The staff there offers excellent services and warm hospitality. 

The resort is known for its excellent accommodation and food. It provides top-notch services at affordable prices and is one of the best guesthouses in Madhya Pradesh Tourism. 

The resort is in a peaceful jungle setting, away from the busy city of Bhopal. You can choose from air-conditioned rooms, deluxe rooms, or air-conditioned deluxe cottages with modern amenities. 

The resort has an in-house restaurant, laundry services, and housekeeping. You can also enjoy activities like nature walks and sightseeing.

  • Address: Udaigiri Rd, near Beas River, Udaigiri, Nimkhiriya, Madhya Pradesh 464001
  • Phone: 062607 78805
  • Room Price: Starts from INR 2000
  • Website:Udayagiri Resort

How To Reach Madhya Pradesh?

Here are the different ways to reach Madhya Pradesh:

By Air:  Madhya Pradesh has airports in Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, and Khajuraho. Airlines from India and other countries fly to these airports.

By Train: Madhya Pradesh has a sound train system with many major railway lines connecting it to all of India. Important train stations in the state are Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, and Ujjain.

By Road: Madhya Pradesh has many national and state highways, making it easy to reach by road from nearby states. Major highways like NH7, NH8, and NH26 pass through the state.

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Things To Do In Madhya Pradesh

  • Khajuraho has temples with detailed carvings and sculptures. The temples are divided into Western, Eastern, and Southern groups. The Western Group has well-preserved temples like Kandariya Mahadeva and Vishvanatha. 
  • Gwalior Fort is a massive fort on a sandstone rock with palaces and temples from the 6th century AD.
  • Bhedaghat is famous for its beautiful marble rocks. Explore the beautiful Bhedaghat: It’s scenic with stunning marble rocks. Take a boat ride on the Narmada River to see the tall white cliffs carved by the river over millions of years. 
  • Visit the Dhuandhar Falls, a breathtaking waterfall formed by the Narmada River rushing through a narrow gorge. 
  • Experience a wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh’s National Parks: The state has many famous national parks where you can see various wildlife. Kanha National Park is a must-visit for tiger lovers. Bandhavgarh National Park is another popular choice, with many tigers and a lovely landscape. Satpura National Park is known for leopard sightings, and Pench National Park is home to tigers, bisons, and leopards. 
  • Relax at Hanuwantiya Island: Hanuwantiya Island, in the Tawa Reservoir, is excellent for nature lovers. You can go boating, birdwatching, and take nature walks. 
  • Take a ride on the Bhopal Ropeway for city views. 
  • Shop at Sarafa Bazaar in Indore: Indore is known for its lively Sarafa Bazaar, a busy market with jewelry shops selling gold, silver, and traditional Kundan jewelry. You can also find textiles and other items there. 
  • Experience the spiritual importance of Ujjain: Ujjain, an old city by the Shipra River, is essential for Hindus. 
  • See the Mahakaleshwar Temple, a shrine for Lord Shiva, and watch the evening prayer ceremony. 
  • Another key site is the Ghantakarna Temple for Lord Ganesha. 
  • Explore Pachmarhi: Pachmarhi, a hill station called the Queen of Satpura, is great for trekking.

Final Thoughts

Madhya Pradesh has many luxurious resorts that suit all types of travelers. From the beautiful Pachmarhi to the historic Orchha, there is something for everyone in this state. 

These resorts offer great amenities and services for a memorable stay. The friendly staff adds to the experience, making Madhya Pradesh a top destination for resort lovers. 

Visit these top resorts in Madhya Pradesh for a relaxing and beautiful trip.

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