10 Best Village Resorts In Jaipur

Imagine waking up to peacock sounds, enjoying spiced tea during sunset, and listening to royal history tales. This may sound like a dream, but it’s what you can expect in Jaipur. This article gives you a list of the top 10 Village Resorts in Jaipur.

This city combines rich history, lively culture, and stunning beauty. It offers unique experiences that are hard to put into words.

But you can make your experience even better. This royal city has some hidden treasures – the 10 best village resorts in Jaipur.

These resorts capture the spirit of Rajasthani tradition combined with modern comforts. Prepare for an exciting trip through these peaceful resorts, promising a royal experience.

Village Resorts In Jaipur

1. Samode Palace

Samode Palace

Samode Palace is a beautiful and impressive building in the Aravalli hills with a 700-year history.

At Samode Palace, you’ll enjoy excellent service. The palace, built in the Indo-Saracenic style, features 43 spacious suites.

It boasts beautiful pillars, mosaic stone walls, a hall decorated with ancient frescoes, the Sultan Mahal, and the Sheesh Mahal. Each step offers breathtaking views.

You’ll have a comfortable stay with a royal touch.

Samode Palace Room Price

  • INR 11,100 per room per night
  • Check-in: 2 PM
  • Check-out: 12 PM

2. Choki Dhani Resort

Village Resorts In Jaipur

Choki Dhani is a unique place where traditional culture meets modern style. This ethnic-style village resort in Jaipur is one-of-a-kind and gives a genuine taste of Rajasthani culture. 

It’s located 5km from the Pink City, making it an excellent spot for family trips, business getaways, and special events.

Choki Dhani Resort Room Price

  • Deluxe Room: ₹6,729 per night
  • Super Deluxe Room: ₹8,729 per night
  • Suite: ₹12,729 per night
  • Royal Suite: ₹18,729 per night
  • Check-in: 2 PM
  • Check-out: 12 PM

3. Buena Vista Luxury Garden Spa Resort

Buena Vista Luxury Garden Spa Resort

Enjoy the captivating changes in the sky’s colors during sunrise and sunset. The resort is surrounded by pure, untouched natural beauty that is a joy to see. 

The resort is a large, grand building built on ample land. It combines French style and Indian traditions. 

Buena Vista has residential complexes built like villas. Each elegant villa has marble floors and comes with private gardens and swimming pools.

Buena Vista Luxury Garden Spa Resort Room Price

  • INR 17,539 per Room 
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

4. Rajasthali Resort & Spa – Village Resorts In Jaipur

Village Resorts In Jaipur

The Rajasthali Resort & Spa is a stunning village resort in Jaipur. It is set against the beautiful Aravalli range.

It showcases the grandeur of Rajasthan and offers modern facilities. The resort offers 54 rooms, suites, and tents showcasing local culture for a cozy stay.

Guests can participate in games, swimming, water polo, yoga, camel and elephant rides, and hot air ballooning.

The resort also offers a jeep safari tour at Nahargarh Biological Park, perfect for wildlife lovers. The resort’s Pavitra Spa offers relaxing therapies to help guests unwind. 

It’s a peaceful place to refresh your body, mind, and soul.

Rajasthali Resort & Spa Room Price

  • Premier Double or Twin Room: ₹10,000
  • Deluxe Double Room: ₹8,000
  • Grand Luxury Tent: ₹6,000
  • Royal Luxury Tent: ₹7,000
  • Three-Bedroom Suite: ₹15,000
  • Two-Bedroom Suite: ₹12,000
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

5. Khas Bagh

Village Resorts In Jaipur

Khas Bagh is a relaxing farm retreat near the historic Amber fort in the Aravalli hills. 

Perhaps you love culture. You’ll be captivated by the palaces, ancient architecture, and forts that draw tourists worldwide. 

Immerse yourself in the charm of Jaipur, also known as the pink city. Enjoy the luxurious accommodations that offer both comfort and elegance. 

Here, you can unwind by the pool and find a quiet spot in the courtyard or garden to read or daydream. The stables and paddocks with horses add to the authentic country holiday feel. 

The peaceful Aravalli hills surround the resort. The resort promises a royal and comfortable stay and is ready to welcome you warmly.

Khas Bagh Room Price

  • INR 6,000 per Room
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

6. Pride Amber Villas Resort

Pride Amber Villas Resort

The Jaipur resort provides a luxurious, traditional royal stay. It’s located away from the city’s noise, surrounded by tall trees. 

Here, you can enjoy peace and nature with your loved ones. Pride Amber Villas Resort provides a deluxe room, superior room, or haveli suite.

Each room comes with modern facilities and high-quality furniture. The resort features a large outdoor pool, spa, and massage services.

The restaurant offers a variety of tasty dishes, including Rajasthani cuisine and rooftop dining with a view.

Pride Amber Villas Resort Room Price

  • INR 5,000 per Room
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

7. Tree Of Life

Village Resorts In Jaipur

The Tree of Life is a top-tier luxury resort just a short drive from Amber Palace. It offers a peaceful retreat with excellent service, set against the backdrop of the ancient Aravalli Hills. 

The resort features 13 luxurious villas spread over 7 acres of serene land. The resort’s unique architecture and royal-themed interior design are genuinely breathtaking. 

The Spa and Meditation center is the main attraction, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the resort’s peaceful environment. The resort also offers an infinity pool for family enjoyment and a tasty restaurant.

Come and enjoy a memorable stay at this fantastic resort.

Tree Of Life Room Price

  • INR 18,899 per Room
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

8. The Farm

 The Farm

The Farm is a top-notch resort in Jaipur village. It has six beautifully designed rooms. 

Unlike typical resorts, The Farm is near fields where locals work and chat. It’s at the start of the Thar Desert. 

The place is unique because of the bird sounds, recycling, and peaceful surroundings. Here, you can walk, watch films, practice yoga, make pottery, paint, cook, and look at the stars.

The Farm Room Price

  • Classic room: ₹4,000 per night
  • Superior room: ₹6,000 per night
  • Deluxe Room: ₹8,000 per night
  • Junior Suite: ₹12,000 per night
  • Presidential Suite: ₹20,000 per night
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

9. Heritage Village Resort

Heritage Village Resort

The Heritage Village in Jaipur has a stunning landscape that draws beautiful birds, making mornings delightful. The resort, decorated to reflect Jaipur’s heritage, is among the top village resorts in the city. 

It covers four acres and is near Jaipur. The resort features Rajwada, a fine dining restaurant, and Swad Ki Dhani, an ethnic-themed restaurant. 

Swad Ki Dhani offers live folk dances, magic shows, puppet shows, Sarangi Vadan, live ghazals, and horse and camel safaris. It’s an excellent place for both private and corporate events.

Heritage Village Resort Room Price

  • Premium Room:7,500 
  • Heritage Suite:10,000 
  • Raja Suite:12,000 
  • Maharaja Suite:15,000 
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM

10. Kanchan Kesari

Village Resorts In Jaipur

Kanchan Kesari village is a standout resort in Jaipur because of its unique environment. It’s green and rustic, reflecting Rajasthan’s rich culture and traditions.

Guests can watch exciting performances by Kalbelia dancers and Langha singers. You can also see the work of famous puppeteers, potters, and ironsmiths from Rajasthan.

The resort has top-notch facilities, making it a popular choice in Jaipur. Its restaurant, Jeeman, serves delicious Rajasthani and Punjabi food.

With a focus on hospitality, it’s an excellent place to stay in Jaipur.

Kanchan Kesari Room Price

  • Standard room: ₹1,876 per night
  • Poolside Room: ₹2,500 per night
  • Family Room: ₹3,000 per night
  • Check in- 2:00 PM
  • Check out- 12:00 PM


Are Jaipur’s village resorts suitable for families with kids? 

Definitely! Lots of these resorts are family-friendly. 

Can I join in local festivals at a village resort? 

Sure, these resorts often host events during festivals for guests to enjoy. 

Is it easy to get transport to see Jaipur from these resorts? 

Most resorts provide easy transport options for local tours. 

What’s unique about these resorts’ architecture? 

They feature traditional Rajasthani style, with detailed art and cultural symbols. 

Do any Jaipur village resorts use eco-friendly methods? 

Yes, many of these resorts focus on being green in their operations.

Final Thoughts

The village resort in Jaipur provides a unique and luxurious experience of rural India. Its simple charm, cultural experiences, luxury facilities, and beautiful surroundings make it perfect for vacations. 

The local food, fun activities, and friendly service add to its charm. Whether you want a quiet getaway or a thrilling adventure, this resort has something for everyone. 

So, get ready and start your memorable trip to Rajasthan’s heart at the village resort in Jaipur.

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